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Rick Perry warns of possible ISIS infiltrators over the southern border

 Texas Governor Rick Perry delivers remarks about immigration
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, fresh from being indicted for abuse of office and coercion, ventured to Washington D.C. and delivered a speech to the Heritage Foundation, according to a Thursday story in the New York Times. In the speech, he linked the rise of the terrorist army ISIS with the need to secure the southern border. He raised the specter of ISIS terrorists infiltrating across from Mexico to wreck death and mayhem.

CBS News reports that the FBI does not think ISIS poses an immediate threat. But it also notes that at least 100 Americans have either gone to Syria or tried to in order to fight for ISIS. Some of these American jihadis could return to the United States and take the fight to the American homeland.

What sort of damage could they do? One possible action would be to attack a crowded shopping mall with automatic weapons and grenades, seeking to inflict the maximum amount of casualties. That is what happened in Nairobi, Kenya in September, 2013 when Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists rampaged through a shopping mall popular with westerners, slaughtering almost 70 men, women, and children in an 80 hour rampage before finally being taken down by security forces. Ultimately ISIS could attempt a 9/11 scale attack, using a radioactive dirty bomb or a chemical weapon.

Perry suggests augmenting border security with both more law enforcement officers and aerial drones. He also suggested strongly that more federal involvement than has hitherto been the case in the form of intelligence sharing and other support is needed. His speech range wide with criticism of the Obama administration, accusing it of abusing its executive authority and of dropping the ball in failing to arm pro-western rebels in Syria. It is that last failure that many analysts attribute the rise of ISIS to, filling in a power vacuum created by Obama administration neglect.

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