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Rick Perry poses in front of roasting pig while honoring James Foley

Governor Perry posed for a photo op in front of a roasting pig while speaking of James Foley, the American journalist who was executed by ISIS.
Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

As if simply mourning the death of executed journalist James Foley was not enough, Governor Rick Perry (R,Tx) took it upon himself to pose in front of a roasting pig and ask voters to "make sure to see" his pig. Perry was attending a pig roast for veterans at the Defend Freedom Pork Roast in Rochester, New Hampshire, his hometown. The roast was sponsored by the Concerned Veterans for America, according to ABC News on Saturday .

During his appearance at the roast, Perry made reference to James Foley, the journalist who was beheaded by ISIS while abroad. Perry portrayed Americans as "collectively" mourning Foley, who he described as a "hero." Perry evoked patriotism in his remarks, stating that in "times like these" we are "reminded" that we are not Republicans or Democrats, but Americans.

Perry also tried to rationalize his statements the other day that he did not understand his indictment by once again citing the fact that he is not a lawyer:

“I made the statement that I don’t know if I have my arms around or talked about that I don’t know if I understand all the intricacies. That’s why I have a legal team, and I would refer you to that legal team to ask those types of detailed questions."

To date there is no indication as to how well Perry's comments were or were not received by the audience in Rochester. However, one can be sure that his comments were of interests to all parties, supporters and non-supporters alike. It is doubtful that voters along the Eastern seaboard will forget Perry's photo op in front of a roasting pig for quite awhile.

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