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Rick Perry on alcoholism and homosexuality: He's spot-on correct

Perry spoke for common sense and reality in comparing homosexuality to alcoholism
Perry spoke for common sense and reality in comparing homosexuality to alcoholism
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This issue illustrates the conflict of visions between those who believe in freedom, personal choice, personal responsibility and reality vs. those who believe life is predetermined and we have no freedom and life itself is a huge lottery and the best we can hope for in life is to get lucky. Yet it is we who believe in common sense and personal freedom that are called extremists by those who believe in the opposite. It is from that position of unreality that those on the far left ridicule Texas Governor Rick Perry for speaking common sense and making an entirely reasonable comparison of homosexuality and alcoholism.

Here's what caused the issue to make it into the news over the last few days. Some individuals who find they have presdispositions or urges toward homosexuality, and don't want to be homosexuals, voluntarily seek treatment to recover from their homosexuality and become heterosexuals. The far left, that wants as many people to be gay as possible because they see political power in promoting homosexuality, despises this kind of therapy and derisively calls it “conversion” therapy. In some states, like California and New Jersey, they sought laws to regulate and/or prohibit licensed counselors and psychiatrists from providing such therapy for homosexuals who request it. The plank in the GOP platform in Texas simply voiced opposition to state laws, or the proposal of any, that would restrict or block the ability of homosexuals to choose such therapy. The plank did not endorse, or make any statement on the credibility of such therapy, it merely made a statement against the idea that the state should restrict or ban voluntary access to such therapy. That's it. But the far left demonizes the treatment and smears the Texas Republican Party as “supporting” such treatment.

Numerous university studies have proven the legetimacy and effectiveness (which is really what the far left is afraid of) of this therapy in helping homosexuals who choose to overcome their homosexual urges and become heterosexuals. I had a colleague in the late 1990s, at an office I worked in, who was a former homosexual who went through such therapy to recover for his homosexuality. He too, like Rick Perry, compared the program of recovery to being very similar to overcoming alcoholism through treatment. No extreme leftist will tell me, or my former colleague, that one can't be a former homosexual and recover from it, if that is what one chooses. The point here is personal choice, because homosexuality itself is as much a personal choice as bringing that drink to the lips and consuming it is for the alcoholic. No degree of genetic disposition to alcoholism, if there is one, is going to make one an alcoholic if one never chooses to the bring the drink to ones mouth.

Let's look at a comparison of homosexuality and alcoholism. Both involve addictions. Contrary to popular belief created by deliberate homosexual propaganda, most gay men are also addicted to sex and must have sex hundreds of times per month with multiple partners. That is why AIDS spread rapdily through the homosexual male community while it never realy made it to heterosexuals outside of a small percent of intravenous drug users. Most gay men are sex addicts, just like alcoholics are addicted to excessive consumption of intoxicating beverages. Both lifestyles are extremely unhealthy and lead to premature death. Both lifestyles are risky because of behavior (sex with hundreds of partners, consumption of hundreds of alcoholic beverages) that the individual can abstain from partaking in. And both of these unhealthy lifestyles can be overcome, by individual choice, by those who wish to recover and remain in recovery from their sexual or booze addiction. The comparison of the two was entirely spot-on correct. Rick Perry is right.

The San Jose Mercury News reported, “Texas Gov. Rick Perry, during a visit that focused primarily on economic issues, drew on a reference to alcoholism to explain his view of homosexuality.”

When asked if he thought homosexuality is a mental disorder, Perry spoke in favor of personal choice by saying, “whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that.” Perry also said, “I may have the genetic coding that I'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way.”

Politically correct far left activists are tripping over themselves today to demonize what Perry said and condemn him as some ignorant, stupid, uneducated, racist and sexist and homophobic redneck moron. But what did Rick Perry really say?

He simply said that both homosexuality and alcoholism are issues of personal choice. Thirty years ago before we became so politically correct, such a statement would not only be obviously common sense, it would not even be news because the vast majority had agreed with that simple statement of reality a few decades ago. It's only after decades of brainwashing by the far left and homosexual political movement, designed deliberately to make the deviant (homosexuality) more mainstream while demonizing what was mainstream.

But the bottom line is, in Realville, that Rick Perry is right. There is no genetic code that forces homosexuality on anyone, or alcoholism. Both are personal choices, and individuals should remain personally responsible for making these choices.

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