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Rick Perry Lies By Blaming President Obama on Job Losses

Praying for Jobs
Praying for Jobs

When Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy for president on Saturday in South Carolina, he criticized President Obama and said he would get America back to work. Since Perry was anointed as the man best suited to run the country, one would expect honesty from a devout Christian, but he took the low road and made the same fallacious remarks the rest of the Republican candidates have parroted in portraying the country’s economic situation.

In Perry’s remarks to the gathered conservative bloggers and media types, he said "One in six work-eligible Americans cannot find a full-time job, that is not a recovery -- that is an economic disaster." The anointed one failed to say why American workers cannot find a full-time job and instead of focusing on Republican support for outsourcing and spending cuts that are directly responsible for the loss of millions of jobs, he accused Washington of encroaching on Americans’ lives. His rhetoric smacks of another Republican who said government was the problem in America and it reminds intelligent Americans that he is so far-removed from reality, that he cannot be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

In February when the Republican-controlled House proposed Draconian spending cuts, the CBO reported that the cuts would kill 1.1 million jobs. When Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) was told of the job losses, his response was, “so be it.” In Texas, the unemployment rate is a bit less than the rest of the nation, but over 500,000 of the new jobs, and indeed, a majority of workers in Texas earn at or below the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Perry has advocated eliminating the minimum wage to help the bottom line of corporations that pay very little or no taxes on their profits. The federal minimum wage is never going to allow workers to survive beyond the poverty level much less prosper and improve their economic situation. However, American worker’s prosperity is the least of Perry’s concern if it interferes with corporate profits.

Republicans in Washington have obstructed President Obama’s efforts at creating jobs and Perry knows it. When Democrats and the president attempted to eliminate the tax breaks and incentives for corporations that moved Americans’ jobs (Including Central Valley Modesto) to India, China, and South Korea, Republicans blocked the legislation because they claim it hurt corporate profits. Perry is like all Republicans in that his first priority is corporate entitlements and not American workers who watched their jobs sent overseas so corporations could get a tax break and avoid paying tax on the foreign earnings. Americans are becoming accustomed to Republicans giving preferential treatment to big business instead of workers and it is exactly why the economy is in the tank and the unemployment rate is high.

Perry’s contention that he will get Washington out of peoples’ lives is a glimpse into the secessionist agenda Perry has promoted in Texas and especially his inclination to state’s rights. Perry is one of the multitudes of stimulus hypocrites who decried the federal funds as wasteful, but he took federal money and used it to balance 97% of Texas’ budget for the fiscal year 2010. To show the type of honest Christian Perry is, he took credit for balancing the budget but failed to acknowledge the money came from the federal government. Now he wants to get Washington out of people’s lives? Perry cannot have it both ways. Either he hates the Federal government, wants to secede and revisit the Civil War in the 21st Century, or he needs federal money to bail out his state’s fiscal malfeasance.

Rick Perry claims to be a devout Christian Dominionist, but he belies his faith with hypocrisy and lack of concern for the citizens of his state. If Perry is going to have any credence with voters about the unemployment problem, he should advocate for workers and not corporations. However, there is inherent dishonesty in any politician who uses his religion to garner voters’ support and regardless the amount of prayer or baseless accusations about the nation’s unemployment rate, Americans with more than a pea-brain know that Rick Perry will send more Americans below the poverty level. But Perry doesn’t care because he can always tell Americans to pray for prosperity; unfortunately, like his prayers for rain, they will fall on deaf ears.


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