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Rick Perry calls a spade a spade

Rick Perry tells it like it is
Rick Perry tells it like it is
Photo by Mike Stone/Getty Images

Texas Governor Rick Perry has had a ringside seat to the surge of unaccompanied minors and illegal immigration at America's southern border. He stated very plainly that our President does not have a clue regarding what is really happening on the nation's border. At the Defending the American the Dream Summit in Texas, Perry accused the President of being essentially inept concerning illegal immigration. Obama is apparently refusing to face facts about what is occurring at the border, even though his policies have created the current situation. The Summit, Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, drew thousands of conservative activists and during his time on the floor, Perry was not shy about blaming Obama for border problems.

Republicans like Perry have continuously warned that the current Liberal policies preventing a secure border have not only resulted in an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens, but also gives the impression that anyone can enter the US illegally and receive amnesty–which of course under the current Administration, they can. As most people realize, very few of the hundreds of thousands of illegals who have entered the country unlawfully in 2014 have been, or will be, deported.

Other failed liberal border policies that Perry cited include the reluctance of the mainstream media to talk about the fact that many of the tens of thousands of adults who enter our country illegally every day are criminals. The Texas governor stated that the unaccompanied youngsters we have been hearing about make up only one-fifth of those who illegally gained entrance to the US this year. He stated that most illegals are adults, and many are engaged in criminal activities and work for cartels. This leads citizens to wonder why President B. Hussein Obama and his buddy Nancy Pelosi are so intent on allowing such individuals to flood into the country. After six years of a disastrously weak and ineffectual presidency, many Americans have given up on immigration reform, but Perry ended his speech by saying that if Washington leaders will not do their job to create a secure border, Texas will. Hats off to you, Governor Perry, as unlike our current Commander-in-Chief, you act and speak like an American.