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Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann: Christian Extremists For President

Evangelical Maniacs For President
Evangelical Maniacs For President

The field of Republicans jockeying to win the nomination for president has just gotten a bit more frightening to Americans who love the Constitution and this nation. With Michele Bachmann winning the pay-to-vote straw poll in Iowa, it is evident that those who bought the right to vote are more concerned with transforming the country into a theocracy than creating jobs, growing the economy, and ensuring all Americans enjoy the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. When Texas governor, Rick Perry, threw his “crown of thorns” hat in the ring, the prospect for a “preacher-in-chief” amplified a thousand fold.

Although Perry and Bachmann are poor administrators who are more concerned with lining the pockets of their corporate donors than helping working-class Americans, it is their maniacal Christian fundamentalism that should keep Americans up at night. Bachmann opposes America’s secular government, and in describing leaders who fulfill their oath of office by supporting the 1st Amendment’s establishment clause said, “They have declared war on marriage, on families, on fertility, and on faith.” There is no war on any of those institutions, but in a fit of fear-mongering and pandering to the evangelical Christian extremists, Bachmann revealed her true intentions if she is elected as president.

Rick Perry is more problematic than Bachmann because he is also a true believer and has shown time and time again that instead of leadership to solve problems, he depends on prayer. Perry held a tent-type revival meeting to pray that god will intervene and fix the economy, provide national security, and create jobs. Perry’s prayer results have proven fruitless on many occasions and recently appealed to Texans to pray for rain to alleviate the drought in the Southwest. Of course, the prayers were useless and god did not send rain, but Perry showed his evangelical followers that he is a true believer. True believer or not, dependence on a mythological being is not the type of leadership qualities Americans are looking for in a candidate; at least not intelligent Americans. Christian fanatics may endorse prayer as the solution to America’s problems, but thinking human beings understand that leadership comes from reason, compromise, and a desire to help all Americans; not clasping hands, closing eyes, and begging for divine intervention.

America is devolving into a third-rate country because conservatives have made a commitment to put the nation’s resources into the bank accounts of corporations and the wealthiest 2% of Americans instead of infrastructure improvements, education, and sound fiscal policy. Now that there are two extremist Christian-fundamentalists seeking the presidency, the conservatives will entice their wealthy donors to fund the maniacal Dominionists for the recompense they will receive if they win the presidency. It is frightening that the Founding Fathers carefully ensured religious extremists would never gain the power and influence to destroy America’s democracy, but they failed to recognize the Christian-cult’s supreme stupidity and rise to power in the 21st Century.

Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann, if elected, will usher in a Christian extremist-sponsored Inquisition to slaughter secular thinkers and decimate the Constitution so they can install the bible as the rule of law, and they will eliminate free-thought, contraception, and equal rights to satisfy their ancient Jewish mythological air-fairy. Americans from Massachusetts to California will either submit to Taliban-like rule or perish, and it is tragically sad that despite the Founders diligence and hard work, there are now two hard-line Christians panting to undo the Constitution. The next year-and-a-half will be heart-rending to watch as evangelical-extremists make an assault on the Constitution, religious freedom, and the American way of life so they can transform this nation into a theocracy. Taliban-controlled Afghanistan will look like a paradise compared to Perry or Bachmann’s vision for America, so enjoy what is left of democracy and prepare for theocracy. It is closer than anyone can imagine.


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