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Rick Perry and Freedom of Speech and Christian Values

Governor Rick Perry, now in charge of the Lone Star State, was quite a sensation at the recent CPAC convention. For the uninitiated, this is the annual gathering of conservatives where folks like Donald Trump and embattled political officials say crazy things.

Carrot Top
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The relevance to actual elections is nominal unless one counts the offices that various “public servants” currently hold.

Otherwise, it's on to reality television or jail.

You’re right, there are exceptions. People like Ann Coulter will just write another book.

And the audience is very forgiving. Just a few racist um anti-Obama comments and cradle the flag or the Bible, and the speaker is wildly received. Oh and invoke Ronald Reagan. A surefire crowd pleaser. No research or facts needed.

Each year those in attendance at CPAC hold a straw poll for President. It’s like voting for the acts at a comedy club to determine who should hold the job as the country’s Chief Executive.

Sorry, neither Michele Bachmann nor Carrot Top will ever be elected to that office. (Apologies to CT for lumping him with this group.

Conservatives profess to be Christians- generally- and use religious tenets to influence their decisions and actions.

As if and wouldn’t that be nice. How about:

  • To take care of the poor and the less fortunate.
  • To drive the moneychangers out of the temple and right into the federal prison.
  • To accept all citizens as children of God.

For starters.

Rick Perry wants to start a rebellion.

On the count of three…. (see video for further clarification of snark.)

How cute. Does he know what rebellion actually means? Is it like the threat of secession which he has advocated in the past that disappears the minute he needs federal money?

There is already some kind of rebellion going on right now in his state. Corporate safety regulations are relaxed to the point of danger and too many Texas residents live in poverty, don’t graduate high school or lack medical coverage - the highest percentage in the country.

Let’s put the lessons of Jesus back into conservative movements.

Jesus, Hay SOOS- working at a minimum wage job in Waco would appreciate that.

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