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Rick Joyner: Obama is blackmailing officials, civil war inevitable

Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner

During his February 5th, 2014 "Special Buletin", Rick Joyner renewed his call for a military coup against the Obama administration.

Joyner added to his list of wingnut conspiracy theories during this column by claiming that Obama is threatening government officials — including Chief Justice John Roberts — with blackmail.

"The Supreme Court found the Affordable Care Act (ACA) constitutional on the basis of a decisive vote by Chief Justice Roberts, that it was in fact a tax which no one could understand, and which Roberts could not even explain," Joyner insists. "How could we not believe that someone had gotten to him? Was he threatened with the revelation of something about himself or a family member that is now being used to control him? Nothing else seems to make sense of Judge Roberts’ decision.

"This will now be a cloud that hangs over all government officials—they are being controlled to keep them from speaking out or possibly voting as they would like, because something is being used to silence them. Just the threat that NSA information is being used in this way greatly erodes the trust of citizens in their government."

Coming from someone extremist enough to consider Timothy McVeigh to have been a leftist (and the media a terrorist organization), however, neither that nor the call for revolution will hold any weight.