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Rick Dale 'American Restoration' designs and makes NASCAR Trophy

Rick Dale
Rick Dale
History Channel

Rick Dale from “American Restoration” is designing the NASCAR Nationwide Race trophy for the second year in a row. This one-of-a-kind trophy will be presented to the winner of the HISTORY 300 on Saturday.

According to NASCAR Nationwide News, Rick unveiled the trophy he created in a pre-race conference in the media center at Charlotte Motor Speedway. He said, “It’s an honor as far I’m concerned.” He also said, “I had a lot of fun building this.”

Rick designed the trophy so that each piece represents a part of history of the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the construction of the race track. The trophy’s base is made from North Carolina granite. Before construction crews could begin making the speedway, they had to blast through this type of rock. Attached to the base is a bundle of dynamite sticks and a brass blaster. In order to remove so much rock to build the speedway, they had to blast it away with dynamite.

On each side of the dynamite is a .38 revolver. The story goes that Bruton Smith and Curtis Turner wanted to encourage their crews to work faster when the deadline for the racetrack neared. So they allegedly pulled out their guns as an incentive. The guns are “historically accurate” of that time period. Rick included shell casings that he encased in bronze. The last piece of the trophy is the HISTORY 300 logo, which sits on top.

Rick is a master craftsman at restoring antiques so they look brand new. Rick owns the shop, Rick’s Restoration, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rick works there with his wife, Kelly, his son, Tyler, his step-son, Brettly, and his brother, Ron. His regular crew includes Kowboy and Kyle, plus a host of other talented individuals who help around the shop.

Last year, Rick designed a trophy from car parts and things related to cars and racing. It had a 1940 Ford Coupe steering wheel, two 1936 gas pump nozzles, and a Custer Car gear. Rick will show fans how he made this year’s trophy on an upcoming episode of “American Restoration.” The series premieres on June 2, 2014 at 9 p.m. central on the History Channel.

For information on the trophy Rick made last year, the author suggests this article; Rick Dale custom-designs NASCAR History 300 trophy

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