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#RichKids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart talks Cabo, challenges, & more

#RichKids of Beverly Hills Sundays on E! 10-10:30 p.m. ET.
#RichKids of Beverly Hills Sundays on E! 10-10:30 p.m. ET.
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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never met the charming and well-high-heeled “#RichKids of Beverly Hills.” These young socialites of the 90210 live way beyond the highlife in an extravagant world where millionaire twenty-somethings are armed with black cards, tiny dogs and loads of Louboutins. As the children of some of the most wealthy families and billionaire and millionaire moguls, this exclusive clique of friends, each with their own unique relationships, goals and heartaches, come together to party, play and relate to each other’s distinctive lifestyles. had the opportunity to catch up with Morgan Stewart who is best known as wild and sexy in the streets of Beverly Hills. Read the full interview below and watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills Sundays on E! 10-10:30 p.m. ET.

Examiner: How are you?

Morgan Stewart: "Currently I am really suffering from the very salty Mexican food I ingested last night! Other than that super!"

Examiner: What has been the biggest criticism that you have received as a result of the show?

Morgan Stewart: “I have really been attacked for my nose being too large. People really have a serious issue with looking like yourself apparently."

Examiner: Looking back, do you regret joining the cast?

Morgan Stewart: “NOT.AT.ALL. Obviously it is a challenging watching yourself back but it has been an amazing experience; one I’m very grateful for!"

Examiner: What was the most challenging part about this season?

Morgan Stewart: “Overall I think the most challenging thing was just getting accustomed to filming a reality show and having cameras around at all times!"

Examiner: What is the biggest misconception about people who grow up in Beverly Hills?

Morgan Stewart: “I think the biggest misconception about kids who grew up in Beverly Hills is that they have NO goals, dreams or drive to make it on their own."

Examiner: Looking back do you think that you may have come across as pretentious?

Morgan Stewart: “I'm sure to some people I may seem pretentious, but I consider myself a pretty down to earth individual."

Examiner: What was the best part about your anniversary trip to Cabo?

Morgan Stewart: “The best part of Cabo was definitely the surprise mariachi band. It was really special."

Examiner: What made you select Cabo to celebrate your anniversary?

Morgan Stewart: “It was Brendan's idea! I just followed the plan!"

Examiner: How are things with you and Brendan today?

Morgan Stewart: "Considering I am currently waiting for him to come back, with my puppy Baguette, from grabbing coffee, I would say fantastic"

Examiner: What can viewers expect as the season continues?

Morgan Stewart: “Viewers can expect to watch the show grow and expand and become much more invested in us as people. Everyone needs to watch every Sunday at 10pm ET/PT on E!"

Examiner: What has been your biggest OMG moment so far this season?


Examiner: Lastly, what can your fans expect from you outside of the show?

Morgan Stewart: “A lot more growth from my website, and that really is my main focus and passion!"