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'#RichKids of Beverly Hills' Roxy Sowlaty previews big fight with Dorothy Wang

They have been good friends for years but that doesn't mean that Roxy Sowlaty and Dorothy Wang, two of the stars of the hit show "#RichKids of Beverly Hills," don't get into fights sometimes. In an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, posted on Tuesday, Feb. 11, Roxy previewed a fight that she gets into with Dorothy in an upcoming episode.

"We have a little bit of a drama. Dorothy calls me an intern in regards to hiring me to do her apartment. I did not like that. I am not an intern. I’ve done like $10 million houses, so I knew it was a little jab at me. So we get through that moment, and you’ll see. But I was pissed." she teased when asked about what's coming up later in the season.

Clearly, Roxy doesn't appreciate it when even her own friends think that she's just a spoiled princess dabbling in interior design. In fact, as the interview points out, she went to school for interior design, has just opened her own interior design firm, and is currently working on two homes in two different cities.

Despite their differences, both Roxy and Dorothy have learned to handle criticism from the public well. Roxy said in her interview that she just laughs when she reads something nasty about her, since she knows who she really is rather than just what's portrayed on TV.

Dorothy has also learned to laugh, even after watching the episode in which she got into a fight with Morgan Stewart and cried uncontrollably over a bill from years ago while in Cabo.

"#confession I've watched tonight's #RKOBH 5 times!! I've moved past the initial embarrassment and now love it. Forcing myself to bed!!" she tweeted after the episode aired on Sunday.

What do you think of "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" so far?

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