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Richie Incognito Twitter rant: Truth will bury Jonathan Martin and his 'camp'

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Richie Incognito is no longer staying silent regarding the issue with Jonathan Martin that got him suspended from the Miami Dolphins. Incognito may not know what the future holds for him in regards to continuing to play in the NFL, but Wednesday that wasn't his primary concern it seems. On Feb. 12 Incognito started a Twitter rant that quickly went viral.

Incognito wrote, “Dear Jon Martin..... The truth is going to bury you and your entire 'camp.' You could have told the truth the entire time.” Richie says he's ready to move on with his life and career, and he feels betrayed by his “best friend” who dragged his name through the mud.

Subsequent tweets blame Martin for starting “all of this” after Kenny Zuckerman released an explosive voicemail to ESPN. Incognito says they had joked about the voicemail together, but ultimately it was a key in creating the firestorm that led to his suspension. Incognito says he was “a loyal friend and good teammate.” While he apologizes for his language and “rude remarks,” he doesn't think he should have been hit with all of the criticism and consequences that have come about.

Incognito finishes his rant by noting that Jonathan Martin supposedly told him in May 2013 that he thought about suicide because he wasn't playing well and felt worthless. After that, Richie tweeted that he has no further comment and anybody who wants more should contact his attorney.

Richie feels that he was railroaded, betrayed and he's obviously anxious to unload over all he's kept pent up over the past few months. At one point he quips that he'll “go cry in my new Ferrari :(“ when someone gives him a “boo f**king hoo” over his tirade. Incognito says that “the truth will set me free” while he maintains that Jonathan Martin is hiding from the truth.

Will clarity ever come out on this situation? Incognito has always said there was much more to this than what Martin alleged, and texts between the two seem to back that assertion up. While Richie Incognito is no longer under suspension, Bleacher Report indicates that Incognito is not necessarily back with the Dolphins either. Richie becomes an unrestricted free agent soon, and it will be interesting to see where he heads next. Will he find redemption after what he says was a railroading by a former best friend?



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