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Richie Incognito, Dolphins created culture of harassment to bully Martin

Richie Incognito with the Dolphins
Richie Incognito with the Dolphins
Getty Images

On Friday, The NFL investigation into harassment allegations was released by Ted Wells. The 142 page report reveals scathing details about the treatment of Jonathan Martin and other Dolphins. The other player who is mentioned is never named in the report for confidentiality reasons.

It turns out that Richie Incognito was not the only Miami Dolphin in on the culture of bullying. Mike Pouncey and John Jerry were also in on the act and “engaged in a pattern of harassment.” These were the leaders on the team, so there wasn’t anybody for Johnathan Martin to turn for help.

An athletic trainer who was also targeted with “racial slurs” and “racially derogatory language.”

The report also reveals intimate details about Martin’s texts with his parents as he was growing increasingly frustrated. says that the contents of the texts are “heartbreaking.”

Ted Wells report also states that they had a hard time figuring out how to evaluate Martin’s claims of harassment. His mental issues and his “bipolar” friendship with Incognito was unusual to say the least.

However, Richie Incognito couldn’t mask his true character for long. Ever since the allegations surfaced, Incognito tried to act like there was a huge misunderstanding, but two days ago, Incognito’s true feelings were revealed on Twitter. That’s when you saw the real Richie Incognito.

For more information on the results, take a look at the full report.


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