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Richard Sherman Twitter troll: Richard Sherman is a winner on Twitter too

Richard Sherman's response was priceless
Richard Sherman's response was priceless
Richard Sherman / Twitter

Richard Sherman took on a Twitter troll... and won! On Feb. 5, posted a Twitter message that was sent to Sherman by a "troll" or an Internet trouble-maker. Sherman's response to the user's message was priceless and totally shut the Twitter user right up.

"@RSherman_25 Seattle beat Denver, but you contributed nothing and got carted off with an injury. Karma's a nasty [expletive], needle [expletive]," tweeted the user who then deleted their account according to the report. Lately controversial, Richard Sherman decided to take the high road and his response was simple: A photo of him holding the Lombardi Trophy (posted).

Richard Sherman vs. the Twitter troll was awesome and there really are no words to describe it. At the end of the day, Sherman was injured -- but he still gets a ring and he's still a "world" champion. While people might have a problem with him or think that he's arrogant, he still played in the Super Bowl and he still has a lot to celebrate.

Sherman proved that he came out on top by not offering a response beyond the photo. It was cut and dry -- plain and simple. It doesn't matter who said what or who got hurt when... the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.

In the case of Richard Sherman vs. the Twitter troll? Richard Sherman wins. Boom.

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