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Richard Sherman shoots off mouth to Erin Andrews, calls himself the best

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman got the Super Bowl trash talking off to a quick start Sunday night during their win of the 49ers.
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman got the Super Bowl trash talking off to a quick start Sunday night during their win of the 49ers.
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Richard Sherman caused a stir Sunday when in a postgame interview with Fox's Erin Andrews, he called himself the best cornerback in the NFL, after calling San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree a mediocre receiver. Richard Sherman's postgame trash talk is expected to be a distraction for the Seattle Seahawks during the two week lead up to their second ever appearance at the Super Bowl.

During the Seahawks Sunday night 23-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, Sherman made the immature gesture of the choke sign following his awesome play that led to Seattle's game-clinching interception, according to USA Today on Jan. 20.

Richard Sherman's already being labeled the NFL's most quotable cornerback since Deion Sanders. Shortly after making the game-saving play in the last minute of Sunday's NFC championship, Sherman gave viewers a taste of how much trash talk there may be leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII.

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Sherman was able to deflect a touchdown pass intended for San Francisco's Michael Crabtree into the arms of Seahawks teammate Malcolm Smith for an interception that pretty much put the cap on the win.

The play may have preserved the win for Seattle, but it also resulted in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Sherman, according to the Boston Herald.

After exchanging words, replays showed Sherman with his arms crossed and both hands up around his neck, making what looked like a choking gesture.

Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews managed to grab Sherman for a comment, when he stunned her with his rants saying, "I'm the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you gonna get! Don't you ever talk about me!"

Andrews followed up with a question asking who was talking about him, to which Sherman responded "Crabtree!", adding, "Don't you open your mouth about the best, or I'm gonna settle it for you real quick!"

Erin Andrews then quickly sent the broadcast back up to the booth. Now it seems Sherman has put a target on his back. If he's asked once about Crabtree over the two week lead-up to the Super Bowl, he'll be asked 100 times.

From now until Feb. 2, everything Richard Sherman says or does is going to be under the microscope. He'll be analyzed, debated and, ultimately, blown up.

That's being called a distraction the young Seahawks don't need, especially when they're facing Peyton Manning, a four-time MVP who is making his third trip to the Super Bowl.

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