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Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson resume Twitter war, it must be NFL season

Sherman is in mid-season form in August.
Sherman is in mid-season form in August.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson are two of the best corner backs in the NFL today, that we know. However when it comes to taking verbal shots at one another it is hard to get in the last word when you go up against Sherman. According to a FOX Sports report on July 30, the two highly paid and profiled DB's were at it once again, trading verbal insults on social media.

The name calling and "I am better than you" insults started after Peterson agreed to a five-year, $70-million contract extension with Arizona, making him the highest paid defensive backs in the NFL. Of course after telling the world about his happiness, Seattle's Richard Sherman has to respond.

In case you missed the verbal sparing, it went this way:

Peterson tweeted "Happy to announce my 5 year extension with @AZCardinals! $70M and $48M Guaranteed!! #AZCardinals #P2Nation #YearOfTheCardinal"

Seems harmless enough, right? Well not in social media land! Sherman responded with a tweet that basically said between these two defensive backs they combined to give up 8 touchdowns in 2013 - 7 of them were given up by Peterson.

Okay, the verbal war of words is on!

You can click here to see the tweet by tweet blows courtesy of ESPN as they unfolded. In the end Sherman seemed to trump Peterson once again by just showing off a picture of his hand - with a huge Seahawks World Championship ring on it. It will be interesting when these two teams collide for the first of their two games on this year's schedule. November 23, circle the date!

Who said the NFL preseason is boring?

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