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Richard Sherman apologizes for rant after Seahawks win NFC Championship

Richard Sherman was pumped up after the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. It's no secret that his outrageous rant during an Erin Andrews post-game interview has set his critics ablaze. On Jan. 20 ESPN reports that Sherman has apologized just one day after that epic delivery.

Sherman made major waves yesterday after announcing that he is the best cornerback in the NFL.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In the interview that shook the world, Sherman referred to Michael Crabtree as a "mediocre receiver" and then referred to himself as the "best corner in the league." These are some huge statements that, while possibly true, should never be said in a post-game interview.

Now Sherman's critics are on fire and many of them are being even less eloquent than the outspoken cornerback was. Richard Sherman has been referred to as a thug and a classless poor sport. Those are some of the nicest things that have been said. Others have been riddled with profanity and racial slurs. That is just too sad.

Sherman is known for being vocal and has not quieted down since the incident. He even gave two more interviews after the Erin Andrews interview that have not been as publicized for obvious reasons.

Those who follow Richard Sherman know that he is actually a very well spoken and intelligent man. He quickly wrote up a blog-style response for his actions after the game and it has been printed on the MMQB. He talked about the history between himself and Michael Crabtree and hinted at why he doesn't like him, both on and off the field.

The fact is, while Sherman might have been pretty pumped up and looked like he was ready to jump in the WWE ring, he is a very well-spoken man. He has since apologized for singling out Michael Crabtree and even said that it put a damper on the win for the rest of his team. He isn't a bad guy. This was just one interview, one time and Sherman had just stopped the 49ers from taking their victory. Who wouldn't be amped up and maybe say a few extra things in that scenario?

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