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Richard McTear Jr. Guilty Of Murder

Richard McTear Jr. Guilty Of Murder
Richard McTear Jr. Guilty Of Murder
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It was five years ago when all this occurred. On May 5, 2009 McTear beat up his former girlfriend. He was accusing her of going out on him. He took Jasmine Bedwell's young son and got into his car. As he was driving on Interstate 275 he threw the young boy out the window killing him instantly. McTear had some of the young child's blood on his clothes. He had the young boys blood on the console of his car. The DNA matched the young child and McTear was arrested.

In the first trial, Bedwell made a mistake on the stand and the judge called a mistrial. The States Attorney knew they had the man who killed the young child. The Prosecutor brought the charges up again and this time after only one day of jury deliberation they just came back into the courtroom and delivered a first degree murder conviction. The judge will deliver sentencing at a later date but most here in Tampa, Florida believe the 26 year old McTear will get the death penalty. He has shown no remorse in either trial and when he was arrested his comments were heard to be that he didn't give a shit and the kid got what he got. This is surely a young man that doesn't belong in society let alone on this planet.

The problem here is simply that a young child died. It shows a total lack of concern by our young men and women about what it means to a responsible human people. This is a testament on how a society failed in raising McTear to be a man. No man would have been able to just throw a young baby out onto an interstate and simply let it die. Richard McTear is simply an animal.

The worst part of all this is that this could have happened in anywhere U.S.A. We as a society failed today and on Monday of next week a jury will have to decide whether to pronounce this young animal to death or life. Either way he will never walk a free man again. Thank God.