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Richard Donner says 'Goonies' sequel is going to happen

On April 5 TMZ reports that one of their photographers caught up with "The Goonies" director, Richard Donner, while in Beverly Hills, and they were pleasantly surprised to find that a sequel is finally going to happen.

Donner says that he would love to get the whole gang back for the sequel but he hasn't stated whether they would play themselves in an older version of the movie, as in parents of the new generation of Goonies, or not. Either way, it would be interesting to see Cory Feldman, Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, and Jonathan Quan back on the big screen once again.

Many that grew up on the original "Goonies" hope that if they do actually follow through with a sequel that they will keep the scenery consistent and film it on the beautiful Oregon Coast again. Others hope that they don't ruin the first movie with a sequel because nothing they do could ever be as fantastic as the first and it would ruin a favorite film from many, now, parent's childhoods.

Do you think that a "Goonies" sequel could ever compare to the original or be as good?

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