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Richard Dawkins angers another interest group

Richard Dawkins angered Down Syndrome advocates with his recent comments on abortion...
Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images

Atheism news: Richard Dawkins is one of Twitter's most controversial characters -- and that's no different in "real life," either. The atheist writer and activist is no stranger to controversy, and even welcomes it as a testimony to how people respond when they're threatened with superior intelligence and logic. BBC News reported on Thursday morning that Dawkins angered another group of folks with his opinionated commentary: Down Syndrome support advocates.

Dawkins reportedly tweeted that it is more humane for a woman to abort a fetus that has been diagnosed with birth defects such as Down's Syndrome. This is something that offended the obvious interest group, which consists of parents and loved ones of people with DS, and the same crowd of people who campaign to police the word "retard." Immediately, Dawkins received the responses that are expected in this situation when on the internet, but he did not back down from his stance (and why should he?).

"I do not for one moment apologise for approaching moral philosophic questions in a logical way. There's a place for emotion & this isn't it," said Dawkins on Twitter.

Naturally this man's opinion has offended loved ones of people with Down Syndrome, but -- like whenever the abortion debate comes up -- these angry Down Syndrome advocates appear to miss the point that the topic is about abortion, and not about currently living folks who are afflicted with chromosomal abnormalities. In no way has Richard Dawkins condoned murdering live people or even discriminating against people with Down Syndrome. However, this won't stop the coverage from directly sensationalizing his point-of-view to tug at the emotional heartstrings of advocates who'd rather women not even have the choice to abort any fetus, much less one with DS.

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