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Richard Davis and Spirit In Truth, take praise to new levels With 'Purity'

 Davis has captured the energy so important for worship in the group’s sophomore release entitled, Purity.
Davis has captured the energy so important for worship in the group’s sophomore release entitled, Purity.
Tehillah Enterprises (used with permission)

Those who love Gospel music in the Washington, DC area are very familiar with the ministry of Richard Davis & Spirit In Truth. Davis is known as a passionate and gifted worship leader. Playing for the top names in Gospel including Byron Cage, Vickie Winans, Hezekiah Walker, Dottie Peoples, Daryl Coley and Vicki Yohe, he has positioned himself as a note-worthy psalmist, producer and preacher. With his 9-member ensemble, Spirit In Truth, he provides the worshiper with God-centered lyrics and anointed artistry in his live performances. Now with a focus on moving the country with worship, Davis has captured that same energy in the group’s sophomore release entitled, "Purity."

The CD was five years in the making. Part of the delay was that Richard had his own vision for the CD, a vision that wasn’t exactly what God had in mind. After losing every single song of the finished album due to a corrupted hard drive, he began the painstaking process of re-writing and recording the entire record. It was then that He asked the Lord what he should name the CD. Although the title of the album comes from a single on the project, more importantly, it came from a conversation Richard had with the Lord.

“When I asked God what to name the CD, He said, ‘Purity’”, recalls Richard. “‘I want you to name the project Purity because now you are doing music that is purely from Me, purely from the Throne of Heaven. You are reading scripture, you’re praying, you’re seeking me and you are hearing my voice. You are listening and writing down what I am telling you to write.’”

The result is a power-packed set of praise and worship tracks set to ignite churches and praise teams alike. Tracks like the up-tempo “Give Thanks” and the brilliantly-penned worship ballad “Your Love” showcase the amazing talents of this blessed songwriter and group. Fans of the ensemble will enjoy songs like the rhythmic “Unified Praise” and the mellow yet powerful “Psalms 30”. An incredibly solid praise and worship album, Purity delivers exactly what the lover of God is looking for. The full project is available on iTunes.

Recently, he was tapped as the new Director of Worship & Arts at Strong Tower Ministries located in Fredericksburg, VA, a church headed by Lead Pastor Jeffrey Smith. Richard is thrilled about the new opportunity. He says, “I am so excited about this new season in my life! I am so honored to have the opportunity to serve God and people in this capacity. I am looking forward to working with the ministry and seeing lives change for the Kingdom of God! It's all about people! That's the Win!!!”

Richard Davis has been called to music ministry since the age of 8. Also called to the preaching and prophetic ministries, he attended Triangle Bible Institution, majoring in Divinity and minoring in Ministry Administration. In October 2007, he was ordained as Prophetic Minister and recently started his own prophetic school. Through the teachings, he explains the five atmospheres of worship and how to attain them. He was introduced to the Gospel music industry with his first CD, "In All Your Glory" in 2006. In addition, Davis hosts a show, “The A&R Network with Ayanna Smith”, every third Tuesday on the Sound of Gospel Radio Network at 8 p.m. ET.

For more information about Richard Davis & Spirit In Truth, log on to Connect with Richard Davis & Spirit In Truth on Facebook and Twitter (@RTDavis_SIT).

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