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Richard Berger Masterworks of the Earth Giant Crystals Finally On Video

Richard Berger with 7,000 pound, 520,000,000 year old Masterworks of the Earth Giant Crystal
Richard Berger with 7,000 pound, 520,000,000 year old Masterworks of the Earth Giant Crystal

Richard Berger is a man possessed by a deep passion for the Earth and, in particular, giant natural crystals. He is also devoted to the welfare of his fellow human beings. In 2005 he was adamant about helping refugees of a devastating Pakistan earthquake, so he created a strategy to get over 150,000 emergency survival blankets donated to the relief effort. Still, his overriding passion for the past forty plus years has been amassing an amazing collection of Giant Natural Crystals through his company Museum Associates.

Last year, Berger invited me to see and experience the energy of those crystals and other natural Earth formations in the Seattle warehouse he has turned into a clandestine art gallery. Some people who have visited Berger’s gallery call it a portal into other dimensions. After personally spending several hours with a group of eight in that space, I could not help but wonder when Berger would make these amazing rare specimens of our planet’s wonders available to the general public as he told us he wanted to do.

Now, with the help of modern technology, anyone can get a glimpse into Richard Berger’s Masterworks of the Earth Giant Natural Crystals Collection. It may be hidden away in a warehouse, but a beautiful new video recently appeared on Berger’s Masterpieces of the Earth website. Although no recorded images can come close to the overwhelming experience of being in the presence of these one a kind reminders of our planet’s majesty and power, Berger’s new video does provide a sense of the inspiration and beauty that people who have been privileged to spend time in the Masterpieces of the Earth gallery have experienced.

Because Berger hired a professional crew to produce the video, anyone with web access can get a glimpse of the beauty and detail of the Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. Instead of sharing frozen images on a phone screen, we can watch a video that provides a sense of this amazing collection. Prior to Richard Berger going live with the video, those who had spent time in the gallery would share a few pictures of the Giant Crystals with friends, but most people didn’t believe that such massive natural pieces existed, much less that they were housed as the single Masterpieces of the Earth gallery collection.

With the release of the video through Berger’s Museum Associates, anyone can enjoy and share a bit of the inspiration, magic and energy that is truly our birthright as crew members on board our tiny fragile Spaceship Earth. Hopefully, one day these inspirational, transformative artifacts will be on public display for the entire world to experience and enjoy. That’s Berger’s intention, so let’s hope that in the near future the Masterpieces of the Earth Gallery becomes a public reality enjoyed by hundreds of thousands every year.