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Rich in Self-Expression, "Soar" Dance Takes Flight

Scott Marlowe in a dance scene from film "Test"
Scott Marlowe in a dance scene from film "Test"
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The world of dance seems to have become more a collaborative effort these days. Less divas and attitudes and more talent and support.

One shining example of this is Scott Marlowe, the associate director of LEVYdance.

LEVYdance which is presenting “Soar” June 26-28, 2014 at Z Space in San Francisco is definitely a collobrative effort. You can see everyone’s reason behind their love to dance in the beautiful ad campaign promoting the show. Some do it to tell their story, others to become more comfortable in their own skin or as a way to express what they can’t put into word.s.

No matter how you look at, artistic director Benjamin Levy allows his dancer to take off…or in the case this week, to soar.
In the world premiere of “Soar,” LEVYdance conjures a world beyond reality…an immersive performance that places audiences and dancers together on stage in a dream-like environment. Individuals discover their own narratives, navigating a “choose your own adventure” performance experience as the space around them continues to transform, revealing a new landscapes and scenarios.

Marlowe is one of the dancers who will enjoy this journey and has continued to grow over this last year in which I met with him during last year’s Frameline Film Festival as he was promoting the terrific must-see movie “Test,” which is currently playing at theatres throughout the country in limited release as well as on demand.

Marlowe’s dancing in “Test” also makes you want to see him and the LEVYdance troupe live. And while the movie takes place in 1985, at the beginning of AIDS testing, his dance today is more contemporary.

Levy himself seems to rely and depend on collobrations so he doesn’t have to micro-manage his players and can likely invest additional time in developing an interactive exhibit at the Exploratorium.

And you can see him live starting Thursday. “Soar” will play at 7pm and 9pm on Thursday-Saturday (no 9pm on Saturday). Due to the nature of this production, late arrivals cannot be accommodated, so they advise arriving 15 minutes early.

To get tickets and more information go to

To find “Test” in our area, go to

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