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Rich Misses Agency opens Simply Gorgeous makeup studio

Simply Gorgeous stylist, Tavia, Aftan Williams [U.S. United Amvassador], Sasha
Simply Gorgeous stylist, Tavia, Aftan Williams [U.S. United Amvassador], Sasha

Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder, and a visit to the 24/7 Rich Misses Agency [RMA] styling salon is a good start to obtain that look. Saturday, August 30th was the grand opening of the Simply Gorgeous Makeup Studio.

Tavia & Sasha at the Simply Gorgeous Makeup Studio
Jae Walker, III for JWImages

Tucked away in the small strip mall on Cheshire Bridge Rd in Atlanta, his was the 3-year brainchild and vision of two people who share the concept of a high-end studio: Sasha, who is the Brand Manager and CEO of RM Agency and Tavia, the Makeup Studio Manager. The energy levels of these two professionals couldn’t be any different, but it works in the long run. I was impressed at the level of commitment, love and efficiency in the room that night. Friends, family and new people were welcome to the celebration.

In the place

The studio that day was abuzz with excitement of the event. Guests were treated to treats catered by Chef Erica. It was an eclectic menu featuring lobster infused cornbread, chicken and waffle cake, vodka-infused chocolate-covered strawberries among other delicacies. Featured in the room was Iron Lace Accessories, a jewelry designer with some off-the-chain pieces I’m sure you’ll come to like. Some of the pieces featured were kid friendly.

What they are

Rich Misses offers many services for those with discerning tastes. Besides hair and makeup, you can also get your nails done and they also feature teeth-whitening services. The salon is a 24/7 facility for those in the entertainment industry but also cater to those women who want to get that “look” that she can’t get anywhere else.

Take a trip up to the makeup studio to see what they do. If you can’t make it or want more information, go to to get the idea. See you there soon.

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