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Rich Miller Doesn’t Pay His Taxes, So Why’s He Complaining

Rich and Kathleen Miller’s mug shots
Rich and Kathleen Miller’s mug shotsRich and Kathleen Miller’s mug shots

Last week’s Suburban News contained an obnoxious, error-filled letter from Rich Miller, a man who has been arrested, tried, and convicted of committing two crimes in Brockport.

This week’s Suburban News contains an excellent response by Mary Rich.

Here’s another way to look at it. Where does a man who doesn’t pay his taxes come off complaining about taxes?

Only a hypocrite would do that, and Rich Miller is definitely a hypocrite.

Richard Miller and his wife Kathleen Miller both voted illegally voted illegally in Village elections in 2009 and 2010, even though they really lived more than 15 miles away across the Monroe/Orleans County line in a house on 16729 Lakeland Beach Road in Kendall, N.Y.

Last week, in his obnoxious letter to the editor of the Suburban News, Rich Miller claimed that property values are lower in the Village than they are in surrounding towns because of Village taxes.

That isn’t true and Rich Miller knows it.

There are two real reasons why property values are lower in the Village than in the surrounding town:

  • The huge number of single-family houses in the village that have been converted to college rental housing, and let fall into disrepair.
  • Sleazy landlords like Rich Miller, who don’t bother to pay their taxes.

Rich Miller is a perfect example of a landlord who lowers property values by letting properties fall into disrepair and who doesn’t pay his taxes.

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite!
Tennessee Williams

For example, Rich Miller recently tried to auction off the property at 49-51 Clinton Street (which, like all the other Miller properties, is actually owned by his wife Kathleen), but the deal fell through because there was $65,603 in back taxes owed on the property.

That same day, when Rich and Kathleen Miller auctioned off the property at 52 State, Harry Snyder bought it only to find out that there was $57,252.26 in back taxes owed on that property.

That’s $122,855.26 in back taxes on just two properties.

And yet in his letter to the Suburban News Rich Miller has the audacity to claim that “…there are at least 37 properties that are so adversely affected by the high cost of village taxes that they have forced families and individuals to abandon their property,.”

Miller is dead wrong. College landlords have abandoned those properties after sucking them dry and pocketing the profits rather than investing any money into property maintenance.

But what else would you expect from Rich Miller? He’s been arrested, tried, and convicted of committing two crimes in Brockport; and, like Buddy Lester, he doesn’t pay his taxes.