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'#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' call Scott Disick a grouper

Scott Disick
Photo by John Parra

Last night there was a new episode of "#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills." On this Jan. 21 episode, they were planning a party and talking about what they call groupers. This is not something you want to be called and they used Scott Disick as their example.

Jay walked in to get ready for the party. He said he texted about 10 groupers and maybe one was coming. They explained that a grouper is a bottom feeding fish. They will pick up whatever they can get. They said that there are some guys that are groupers including Scott Disick. This had to be an insult to the star of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

They did have their party and some people showed up, but Scott was nowhere to be seen. He probably had better things to do than come to a party like this one.

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