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Rich Girard caught with pants down in Facebook sexting scandal

Rich Girard, the host of the Girard at Large radio program, used his Facebook account to try to seduce a female fan who had appeared on his show. Friday afternoon, the Manchester political world was abuzz with news about the sexting scandal as the the fan, who uses the moniker "Little Mel," posted screenshots of Girard's sexting on her Facebook page. The revelations are a bombshell as the staunchly conservative radio host who postures as a defender of traditional family values broadcasts on a Christian radio station.

Little Mel is a volunteer at a prominent Manchester non-profit organization that Girard supports. She appeared on his show when it featured a segment on the charity, an event mentioned in the "sexts" that were exchanged between Little Mel and one "Richard H. Girard" via Facebook's private messaging function.

Richard H. Girard is the Girard at Large radio show hosts "official" name.

Breaking Story

Alderman Joseph Kelly Levasseur, the nemesis of Girard, was the first to break the story on his own Facebook page. Levasseur contacted Little Mel, who confirmed that the posts were from Rich Girard. He obtained her permission to post screenshots of sexually explicit messages that Girard allegedly sent her on Wednesday, July 9th, and Thursday, the 10th. She also posted messages sent by Girard to her on Friday, the 11th.

Little Mel assured Levasseur that it indeed was Girard who wrote the sexts, and assured me after a query on Levasseur's Facebook page that Girard was the man who wrote the posts.

Levasseur contacted Rich Girard for comment, telling him he was going to run the story. Girard did not respond to Levasseur's query.

Due to the extremely graphic nature of the sexting dialogue, Levasseur only published one screenshot, then took it down for editing as it contained Little Mel's address. The screenshots show the name "Richard H. Girard" with a picture of Rich Girard that I am told the radio host uses on his Facebook page. The street address was on the screenshot that Levasseur posted, as Girard, who said that he was drunk, was trying to arrange a sex encounter with Little Mel at her home and she supplied him with the information.

On Friday, Little Mel insisted that not only was it Girard who sexted her, but that after the story broke in the wake of her posting of screenshots of their sexting conversation on her Facebook page, Girard called her on the phone to apologize for attempting to seduce her. She at first thought he sounded angry during the conversation, but subsequently decided he was not.

On Saturday night, Little Mel published on Levasseur's Facebook page two apologies from Girard. The latter read:

"Hi, Mel. / Tahnk [SIC] you for taking down the screen shots of our chat messages. Would you mind posting that we spoke and that you'd accepted my apology and granted the forgiveness I requested? As you might imagine, I have some people looking for comment and I'd like to be able to have more than my say so that you did that./ Thank you./ Rich Girard/ Humble Host/ Girard at Large in the Morning"

Weird Relationship

The original sexting conversation that Little Mel engaged in with Girard took place between approximately 8:00 and 8:25 PM on Wednesday, July 9th. Little Mel and Girard were partaking in a Facebook private messaging conversation before 7:59 PM, but apparently, it didn't turn to sex until around eight, which is the start of prime time on commercial television. The screenshots I received from a source start at 7:59.

According to the screenshots (I do not have access to Little Mel's Facebook pages), Girard kicked off the salacious part of their conversation when he sexted her,"too bad for you we're separated at the moment. I'm a bit tipsy and I owuld probably [expletive deleted] the [expletive deleted] out of you if we were in the th esame room." [Spelling including the lack of capitalization is as it appears in the screenshots - Ed.]

The two banter back and forth, then Girard wrote, "it'd be all weird."

"I think our whole 'relationship' is weird ;-P", Little Mel replied.

"Still got that IUD?" the sexter immediately asked her. The question is a bombshell that could do further damage to the radio host as Girard portrays himself publicly as a "Catholic's Catholic" and an intrauterine device is a contraceptive device that prevents conception by disrupting sperm, preventing them from fertilizing an egg. Many pro-life people consider an IUD an abortifacient. [According to Little Mel, the two had talked about her obtaining an IUD before Wednesday night's conversation, not in terms of birth control in anticipation of a future affair, but as a discussion between friends about her healthcare concerns, She was looking into obtaining an IUD to help regulate her menstrual cycle.]

"No. I didn't get it," Little Mel replied before telling him why and then stating that she has "lots of condoms."

"I hate those," the sexter replied.

After more talk about birth control, Girard asked her what will become an underlying theme of his side of the conversation "so if we did it what then? You get all clingy and freaky on me."

"No," Little Mel replies before the two then engaged in conversation about a preferred position for sexual intercourse, which Little Mel says makes guys look powerful.

"Oh My Head!"

The Girard at Large host apparently is a fan of oral sex, both giving and receiving what is vulgarly known as "head". Somehow, this is fitting, as Girard's trademark expression on the air is "Oh my head!"

"Do you like it when a guy eats your [expletive deleted]?"he asked, using a vulgarism for the female sex organ commonly associated with cats.

An obscene exchange of words took place, after which Girard asks, "can you do it once and only once?"

He then follows this up with "(omh, I'm hammered....)" [I read the abbreviation "omh" as "Oh my head". - Ed.]

Little Mel then raised the subject of marital fidelity.

"does your wife know?"

I am missing screenshots for the next three minutes of the conversation, but apparently, the subject of Little Mel having actual real-life, four-footed cats -- comes up, and she said she can put them in the bathroom. Girard apparently is allergic to the feline variety. He told her that segregating the cats would not make a difference.

The presence of cats apparently put a kibosh on the intended assignation and gave Little Mel time to take stock of herself, as she then broke off from planning a tryst when her conscience kicks in over the other party's wife.

"Carpe Diem"

"Sigh as much as I want to ---- you....I don't think I can. Not only are you married but you're drunk right now and I feel like I was raking advantage of you at a weak moment," Little Mel wrote.

Girard, still intent on meeting up with his fan for sex, replied, "hrey, I asked..."

Little Mel posted in turn, "If you were in an open marriage it would be different but you're monogamous and you have 5 kids."

Little Mel then asked, "How are you going to feel after?"

Girard replied in a series of five posts: "who knows?/who cares/carpe diem/besides, I've always wanted you/since you first walked into my studio conservatively dressed."

Carpe diem is Latin for "Seize the day". Apparently, Girard was still intent on seizing his opportunity with Little Mel. His stratagems would backfire on him by Friday.

An Attack of Conscience

"don't tell me you're having an attack of conscience..." the interlocutor whom Little Mel swears is Rich Girard tells her. "or is it that once won't be enough?"

"depends how good are you? :-P"

Girard posted, "chalk it up to great... /final chance.../going..."

"I really want to..." Little Mel said, before declaring, "I can't. I'm sorry. It would be going against what I believe and what I preach.

"I wouldn't tell but I'd feel guilty," she wrote.

After some banter, Girard asked Little Mel, "what do you want?/the sex of the relatinship/the dream or the drudgery"

"I respect you too much," Little Mel replied.

Girard posted, "so you won't let me make a drunken mistake?/actually, it's not that can tell by the few typos."

Catholic Guilt

The back and forth continues and finally Little Mel told Rich Girard, "you're catholic guilt will get to you."

"Don't be so sure..../What about a good oral encounter?" the sexter, who apparently will not be denied, wrote back.

"and I can't do it on the maybe chance you'll regret it," Little Mel replied.

"i won't", the other party to the sexting said, "unless you get all clingy and freaky/then I'll be wondreing if I'll be seeing boilig rabbits on my stove."

"I like rabbits", Little Mel declared, apparently missing the reference to the 1987 Michael Douglas-Glen Close movie Fatal Attraction, in which the "other women" (close) in an adulterous affair with Douglas' character became unhinged.

The subject of Little Mel's mental state will be used by the Girard in the following days, as he tries to do damage control. It is this stratagem, and the patronizing attitude of the sexter, that likely set Little Mel off and did push her into the Glen Close role of seeking revenge, leading her to post the sexting threads on her Facebook page rather than leaving a pet rabbit boiled alive on the Girard family's stove.

"zi'm not trrying to mess with you," the sexter told Little Mel, "i guess my inhibitions are down."

"Exactly and even though you say you won't regret it.... I know you will," she responded.

Little Mel, as the Wednesday night sexting conversation peters out, continually brings up the fact that she, too, would be racked with guilt for sleeping with a married man she respects.

"and while I wouldn't tell anyone I'd fell guilty and I hate feeling guilty," Little Mel wrote.

Guilt, Catholic or otherwise, apparently is not something Richard Girard apparently suffers from. "don't be so sure about my regrets," he wrote back.

Big Boy

More banter, including obscenity by Girard followed, while Little Mel continued to refuse him, though she claimed it is with regret.

"I love you to death and that's why I can't," she wrote.

The continually rebuffed and frustrated Girard responded negatively to this post.

"ugh..../i've heard that my whole life/I hate it."

"You'd rather people not care about you?" Little Mel asked him.

"in some cases/besides, I can take care of myself. I'm a big boy/who can take being turned down...," the sexter reponded, before posting a frowning smiley face emoticon.

As the chances for the hoped for assignation dies, the sexter tried another tack: "that's okay. You're doing the right thing/hell of a time to develop a conscience, though."

Little Mel tells him, "I'm sorry. I feel terrible."

"why?" Girard asked.

"because I have a chance to bang someone in my top 10 and I'm turning it down."

Girard posted, "if you're doing it for me, don't. if you'r edoing it for you okay.

The seemingly adept if not quite expert sexter then applied real pressure to Little Mel: " window of opportunity is about to close/yes or no/say it now."

"No," answers Little Mel. It is a definitive answer, though Girard would continue to persist with his pursuit this Wednesday night.

Incredibly, the sexter then posted, "(no pressure...seriously)/waiting...."

Little Mel reiterated that she can't have sex with him and apologized. "I'd feel way too guilty," she wrote, and I've been the other woman before/and my last relationship ended because I got cheated on/I'd feel like a hypocrit."

Girard responded, "no worries. I respect you and your decision...though I'm looking ]for a one time thing, not the 'other woman thing'."

"I'm the Best"

The sexter, seemingly being reasonable and compassionate at the moment, immediately propositions Little Mel again, offering her oral sex rather than vaginal intercourse, though he tells her that he would engage in intercourse "If you wold let me."

"trust me, I'm the best," the egotistical sexter boasted to Little Mel. "or at least the best you've ever had"

These messages are immediately followed by his declaration, "time has expired........I can't get awa now."

"Sorry," Little Mel said, before posting a heart emoticon.

"well, I could if you really wanted me to," the sexter who will still not be denied replied. Apparently, Rich Girard is not one who is easily discouraged.

"I can't," she told him.

Girard then attempted to transfigure himself into some kind of relationship/lifestyle guru, hectoring her to "accept responsibility.... You won't, not can't/there's a difference between ability and decision/you COULD, but you choose not to which is okay. I don't hate you for it."

Little Mel replied to the sexter who is blowing both hot and cold -- like someone possessed of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality, "I can, but I won't."

"tomorrow, I'll probably thank you," Richard H. Girard then posted, before immediately launching into more salacious talk intended to seduce Little Mel, before following it up with a mea culpa.

"fyi, i respect your're right to say no. I felt like trying though./sorry fo rthe advance/didn't want to cause you stress."

Little Mel ended Wednesday night's conversation by telling Girard that despite what has transpired, "I still think you're awesome."

The Following Day

The Facebook conversation between Rich Girard and Little Mel started up again the next day, at 4:37 in the morning. Girard typically is at his radio studio in the Pinardville section of Goffstown around 4:00 AM to prepare for his daily broadcast, which kicks off at six.

At that time, 4:37 AM, Girard has contacted Little Mel to engage in what is part damage control, and part mind games. The sexter answered Little Mel's last post of the night before, in which she said she thinks he's "awesome", with this reply:

"and now I know you are...I'm proud of you! You proved that you're more than a sexually driven piece of mean last night. You have a good conscience and are concerned about the well being of your friends. might sound crazy, but it's what I'd hoped you'd do. Your a good egg! Be proud of yourself. You have a lot to offer."

After posting an open-mouthed smiley-face emoticon, Little Mel wrote, "it was sooooo hard to say no!". Her post was made early six hours after Girard's. It would be four hours before Girard would again contact Little Mel.

In that post, Girard continues in his guise of the Victorian reformer as sexual hypocrite, claiming that his intent all along was to test Little Mel with the idea of saving her virtue and uplifting her.

"I was counting on it and you didn't let me down. See there's more to you that what meets the eye," he wrote, ending the post with a winking smiley face emoticon. [I have seen a picture of Little Mel with Rich Girard at his studio, and she is a physically attractive woman, a quality that he seemingly is referring to.]

A little more than a half-hour later, Little Mel wrote back, "and what if I had said yes?" before issuing what seems like a warning:

"And I'm like a transformer.... more than meets the eye."

Little Mel would indeed morph into something quite different than the besotted fan of Wednesday night.

Friday's Child

"Wednesday's child is full of woe," the Mother Goose rhyme goes, while "Friday's child is loving and giving."

The Little Mel of Wednesday, more akin to Friday's child, was about to unleash woe onto Richard H. Girard, the sexting fool who postures as Mr. Morality to his audience on a Christian radio network. Apparently, she'd had enough with the mind games, and was tired of being hit on and used by men like Girard.

At 6:58 AM on Friday morning, which might have been a commercial break during the Girard at Large radio program, Girard replied to Little Mel.

"if you'd said yes? I wouldn't have showed up and it my attempt to show you something about yourself would have backfired."

These are the words of a world-class hypocrite and coward operating at "11" on a volume dial. In my opinion, these are the exchanges that definitively prove that this is Rich Girard.

Girard, who earlier was worried about a Fatal Attraction type scenario developing, now assumes the guise of "Mr. Morality" playing "Big Brother" cum Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" to Little Mel, and inadvertently triggered a negative reaction in his now wary fan, who is appalled by the self-serving hypocrisy. She knew what the sexting Girard was after on Wednesday night, and it wasn't an opportunity to uplift her. But for her own strength in fighting off her attraction to Girard, she believed, in my opinion, that a sexual tryst would have taken place.

Little Mel answered the post approximately an hour and a half later by asking, "Why did you feel you need to do that."

Girard replied that he has been following her posts on Facebook, "and you seemed to need a challenge that might change your focus to someone other than yourself."

He then talked about his concern for her mental state after having read some of her Facebook posts, then posted, "Can't really focus on that now, doing an interview," although the time of that post was 8:55 AM and the Girard at Large radio show had only five minutes left to run. Girard always is hustling, it seems: his audience, women fans....probably his friends, his family....definitely himself.

On Friday morning, the sexting Rich Girard of Wednesday night was attempting to justify his behavior, pretending that he wasn't really inveigling Little Mel for sex, but had been putting her through some kind of test to boost her ego.

"Suffice to say I saw reason to act took a risk that might boost your evaluation of yourself."

Little Mel dismissed the attempt by Girard to play psychiatrist, then lays into him:

"But it's cool attempt to subdtly shame me as a way to boost my evaluation or whatever," she wrote back. "Being sexually active or wanting sex doesn't make me a bad person."

"sigh....I give up," Wednesday's sexter responded at 9:47 AM Friday morning, basically telling her she had failed his test, which was a sham to being with.

"there was no attempt to slut shame you," Girard continued, "only to prove you could put the needs of others/what was right before your own personal desires. That boosts most people's confidence and sense of self-worth."

This long post by "Richard H. Girard" goes on and contains a rather bizarre declaration: "BTW, I don't get paid for every counseling session, so I have no desire to see behavior in need of counseling continue until the next session...."

The sexter of the Richard H. Girard/Little Mel dialogues likes to play mind games. This exchange makes one wonder how many other woman fans has he engaged similarly?

"sorry, I knew it was a risk," the long exchange by Girard ended. The sexter than posts, "didn't think you'd find a way to deprive yourself of your own accomplishment though./I guess I should have just left well enough alone."

The dialogue between Little Mel and Girard ended with two post by Little Mel, made immediately after the sexter's last post:

"but what accomplishment am I achieving? What does me turning you down have to do with anything? All it looks is you trying to set me up./And the thing is I generally always put others before me."

The screenshots I received from a source end there. It was 9:50 PM on Friday morning. Little Mel began posting screenshots of the exchange on her Facebook page later that day. After hearing of her revelations, Rich Girard then called her on the phone and she hung up on him as he apparently was hostile.

Christian Radio

Will Rich Girard and the Girard at Large radio program survive the revelation of these sexting dialogues? He broadcasts on a station owned by New Hampshire Family Radio (NHFR). According to its own website, NHFR is a part of Knowledge for Life, a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation focused on "religious and educational purposes".

Knowledge for Life is an evangelical Christian ministry that spreads "the Good News thereby making it more difficult for anyone to go to hell."

I am not trained in psychology, but Girard has always struck me as possessing a split personality. This duality in Girard's character is always on display, on his radio show, and in person, such as when a cold but not unfriendly exchange between us in a men's room at Manchester City Hall turned ugly. As I started to leave the men's room, Girard suddenly drew himself up, his eyes going as cold and mean as those of a yellow-eyed junk yard dog, and challenged me to a fight. It was a real Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde moment, and that duality is apparent in the Girard/Little Mel exchanges.

The owners of his radio station are intent on making it "more difficult for anyone to go to hell." Yet, the sexting component of Rich Girard's personality certainly seemed intent on going to hell in a hand basket last Wednesday, and on taking Little Mel along with him.

CORRECTION NOTICE: After speaking to Little Mel, I have changed two paragraphs to reflect new information. I originally reported that she had hung up on Girard because he sounded angry; in fact, she did not hang up on him, and upon reflection, she does not believe he was angry during the Friday call to apologize. On the matter of the IUD, they had discussed the device as two friends mulling over an issue concerning Little Mel's health, not in terms of a birth control device.

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