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Rich Froning wins fourth straight CrossFit Games: His workout and diet

Four-time CrossFit champ Rich Froning reveals diet and workout routine
Rich Froning Instagram

Rich Froning won the 2014 CrossFit Games for the fourth consecutive year and was again crowned the "fittest man on Earth."

In the men's finals, which were held July 27 in Carson, California, Froning handily defeated Mathew Fraser (who placed second) and Jason Khalipa, who finished third. In the women's division, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet took top honors.

Rich, 27, has suggested he will retire from individual competition after the 2014 CrossFit Games, but will continue competing in team events.

However, Froning appears to have had a change of heart. "I am not retiring, I am just switching gears," he said after winning the CF Games for the fourth time.

Last week, Froning signed a lucrative long-term contract with Reebok, sponsor of the CrossFit Games. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, a rep told Men's Fitness Froning's endorsement deal makes him one of Reebok's highest-paid athletes whose earnings are on par with NBA and NFL stars.

Works Out Two to Five Times a Day

Rich's CrossFit dominance is due in large part to his incredible work ethic and rigorous workout routine. While gym workouts are part of his daily routine, Froning prefers outdoor exercise.

The 5-foot-9 Froning, who weighs a solid 195 pounds, trains two to five times every day and usually does not take many days off.

“I work out anywhere from two to five times a day, but I don’t walk into the gym with a schedule," he told Outside. "I just make it up as I go, listening to my body.”

While most athletes look forward to their "off" days, Rich is active on rest days. "I don't really take days off from training," he said. "For 'active recovery,' I'll go ride my mountain bike for a couple hours once a week."

Froning's daily workout schedule includes waking up at 7:15 and reading the bible. At 8:15 a.m., he warms up on the Airdyne to get loose, then does his first WOD (Workout of the Day). He then does big lifts, like squats or dead lifts. At 11:45 a.m., Froning completes a second WOD that includes the lift that was just practiced. At 3 p.m., Froning practices Olympic lifts and then does another WOD.

'Not Paleo At All'

Froning, who can dead-lift 545 pounds, back-squat 445 pounds, and do 75 pull-ups in one set, also goes with his gut when it comes diet. While most CrossFitters follow the Paleo diet, Rich isn't Paleo, but does follow a high-protein diet and avoids bread and pasta (not for health, but because he doesn't care for them).

“A lot of people who do CrossFit eat a strict Paleo diet, but I don’t subscribe to any specific way of eating," said Froning, who's not a big fan of nutritional supplements. "I'm not Paleo at all.”

Froning said he drinks a lot of whole milk and protein shakes throughout the day. “I don’t have much of a diet," he said. "I eat a lot of peanut butter and drink a lot of whole milk. And protein shakes are my thing. At night, I will eat whatever I want, but through the day, I don’t really eat that much."

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