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Rice video surfaces; Ravens lose coin flip to Cowboys

Ray Rice could be in big trouble after a video surfaced of him dragging his unconcious fiancee out of an elevator.
Photo by Michael Loccisano

A video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his fiancee at an Atlantic City casino has surfaced and it does not paint him in the best light.

Rice is shown dragging what appears to be his unconcious fiancee out of an elevator before he is approached by what looks to be a security guard before walking away.

The fact that his fiancee appears to be unconcious has led to a lot of speculation about whether she is simply passed out from drinking too much or whether Rice's alledged punchis the reason she seems unresponsive.

If nothing else, this certainly doesn't look like an incident that will be swept under the rug. It seems likely that Rice nor his fiancee will look to pursue the matter, which may cause charges to be dropped in the case.

However, Roger Goodell will certainly get involved and it could result in a suspension for Rice. This is exactly the type of behavior the league doesn't want to see and is trying to deter under Goodell.

The only thing Rice has going for him is that he hasn't had any run-ins with the law in the past and is active in the community, especially when it comes to bullying.

In other news, the Ravens lost a coinflip with the Dallas Cowboys to determine the draft order, meaning Baltimore will have the 17th overall pick.

It's a disappointing development for the Ravens, as it will cost them a spot in each round of the draft, but isn't the end of the world.

The Cowboys do have a need for a safety, as do the Ravens, which is one way it could effect Ozzie Newsome and the rest of the front office.

However, the Ravens are expected to be looking hard at wide receiver and possibly tight end, two positions where the Cowboys are likely set.

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