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Rice said Bergdahl was 'a prisoner of war'

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Below is an edited and abbreviated definition of POW. Pay particular attention to the term “enemy power.” Under Susan Rice’s interpretation that she and Secretary of State John Kerry apparently made with concurrence by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel under supervision of Commander in Chief Barack Obama, the Taliban is an enemy power. With that interpretation, the Taliban was reinstated from having been defrocked as a political power, demoted to terrorist organization, and now elevated once again. Congress isn’t happy about that decision and subsequent negotiations with enemy combatants without their knowledge. That point of contention goes in favor of GOP critics because it is true in fact.

Is President Obama once again acting in haste to clear the deck of unwanted problems such as Guantanamo captives and a captured soldier? Since he takes the heat for nearly everything that he does, deserved or not, maybe now he is just conditioned to ignore critics and to do what he believes is prudent or expeditious?

“A prisoner of war (POW) or "missing-captured" is a person, whether combatant or non-combatant, who is held in custody by an enemy power during or immediately after an armed conflict.”

“Rice and Hagel repeatedly disagreed with the argument that U.S. officials negotiated with terrorists to get back Bergdahl.

‘He wasn’t simply a hostage,’ Rice said. ‘He was a prisoner of war.’

Hagel told NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’: ‘We didn’t negotiate with terrorists. Sergeant Bergdahl is a prisoner of war. That’s a natural process.’



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