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Rice recall: Mild flushing, rash cited in rice products, 'abundance of caution'

Uncle Ben's rice box, sample photo
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A rice recall has caused a number of consumers across the U.S. this week to refrain from eating any of Uncle Ben’s rice products. Government officials are now looking into numerous health-related claims of people suffering mild flushing to a serious rash after coming in contact with the popular food item. Web Pro News shares this Monday, Feb. 10, 2014, that an “abundance of caution” has been cited, and grocery shelves will likely be empty of Uncle Ben’s rice-infused goods for at least several more weeks until the issue is resolved.

The rice recall does not affect all Uncle Ben’s products, but only rice goods. Health authorities are examining the matter after allergic-like illnesses were reported in southern regions of the U.S. It is confirmed that the sicknesses have been directly connected with the brand.

Mars, Inc. has offered a voluntary recall of its infused rice and flavored items, citing an “abundance of caution” after the company was alerted of several illnesses that had taken place at a minimum of three Texas schools.

A majority of complaints that led to the rice recall included “allergy symptoms, [including] rash and mild flushing.” Since then, the company has immediately taken all of its Uncle Ben’s rice products off the shelves from local supply chains and grocery stores.

“Our network of distributors, brokers, and sales associates immediately started notifying their customers and collecting the product,” Mars Foodservices said.

After a notable decrease in sales and increasing number of sickness-related complaints, the official decision to publicly announce the wide-reaching recall was made.

“Therefore, we initiated the voluntary recall to ensure that anyone in possession of the product is aware that it should not be served or eaten, but returned to where it was purchased,” the company added on the new rice recall.

Refunds should be provided for all affected Uncle Ben’s infused flavored rice products at the stores in which they were purchased.

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