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Rice Brothers to perform at Sierra-at-Tahoe

The Rice Brothers on stage!
The Rice Brothers on stage!
Sierra-at-Tahoe PR

Sierra-at-Tahoe is among the best ski resorts in the Sierra. Year after year they are ranked pretty high up in numerous ski and board magazines, and in skier and boarder surveys.

The resort is much more than what most people see when they head up there to ski or ride. The resort, which started out as a family owned resort, Sierra Ski Ranch, has managed to maintain the family feel throughout the years, and changes in ownership.

What most people don't realize is that Sierra-at-Tahoe mentors young skiers and boarders, promotes them, cares for them and their families, and out of this, produces Olympic athletes.

While doing that, they are active in the community. They recently went into Tahoe to the Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School. Sierra and Burton Snowboards took it "...from the snow to schools with a PE Experience that teaches students different skills to learn how to snowboard called Riglet Snowboarding for PE."

That's just one piece of their community outreach. They regularly contribute to various organizations in the area, and lend an amazing amount of support to the Buddy Werner Youth Ski Program.

While doing all of this, and more, they have an amazing amount of fun. John Rice is the General Manager, and has been for a long time. Another thing you may not know is that John is a musician.

Experience some of the fun on February 21 at the Sierra Pub at Sierra. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Rice and The Rice Brothers will be ripping it up at the Pub. Sing along--that's right, sing along--to "...your favorite songs and suggest a few for the crew as you share a brew to last the whole night through!"

There's must so much more to this resort than just skiing and riding!

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