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Ric Flair's wife arrested for assault

Ric Flair in his wrestling days.
Ric Flair in his wrestling days.
Photo: AP

Early Monday morning, police were called to the North Carolina home of Ric Flair and Jaqueline Beem. The couple, who live in Charlotte, were involved in a heated argument that resulted in an alleged assault. Beem was arrested for allegedly attacking Flair, which left him bloodied and bruised. Flair, however, refused treatment. No weapons were used in the attack.

Beem was arrest around 12 a.m. and released later that day at 12:28 p.m.
According to TMZ, Ric’s rep said, “Ric and his wife had an unfortunate disagreement late last night, which led to his wife being arrested and charged with assault. Ric has done nothing wrong.”
Flair and Beem were married in November. This is Flair’s fourth marriage, with the previous three ending in divorce. He has four children from two of the previous marriages.

Recently, one of his daughters was sentenced to 45 days of supervised probation and a $200 fine in 2009. She pleaded guilty to resisting an officer in connection with a 2008 fight involving Ric and her boyfriend.

The “Nature Boy,” who is a WWE Hall of Famer, can now be seen around the Charlotte area doing promos for the Carolina Hurricanes and the upcoming All-Star Race at Charlotte Motorspeedway, shouting his trademark “Whooooo!”


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