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RibbedTee announces pre-order of problem-solving underwear

STUCK Boxer Brief now available for pre-order
STUCK Boxer Brief now available for pre-order

Back in February, news broke of RibbedTee branching out and starting the process of designing and manufacturing men’s underwear. Those familiar with RibbedTee products know that if owner Mike Schwarz is going to do something, he’s going to do it right, or not at all. That’s why when he let me know he was going to be designing this new line of “problem solving” underwear, I was all ears.

Every man who has ever tucked a shirt into his pants knows that doing so is an exercise in futility. It is even worse when an undershirt is involved. Keeping the undershirt neatly tucked in under a dress shirt is no easy feat and usually results in a somewhat disheveled mess that must be smoothed out and re-tucked numerous times per day.

Numerous companies have looked into solving this problem, but none have achieved 100% success. Frankly, it is not an easy problem to solve. Gravity is constantly pulling our pants down, our midsections change shape as we go from standing to sitting, and that area of the body is capable bending in four directions and twisting in two.

This is where “STUCK” (a combination of stay and tuck) comes in. This is the first-ever line of underwear that incorporates a silicone-based anti-slip applique on each hip. Not entirely dissimilar to the highly specialized “fashion tape” that keep the buxom starlets of red carpets around the world from having wardrobe malfunctions, these silicone overlays provide a highly frictive surface to which shirts will adhere, and in theory, be less prone to untucking.

RibbedTee’s STUCK Boxer Briefs ($30), which are now available for pre-order, feature a pre-shrunk cotton/Spandex blend that is promised to be super soft, a slightly wider waist opening and 1.5” waistband to be friendly to the love handles, and a generous front pouch and crotch gusset to accommodate and support the manly goods. The American-made STUCK Boxer Brief also features double reinforced construction, contrast stitching, and a seamless back panel for maximum comfort. For more information, or to get in on the pre-order action, click here.