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Rhum Barbancourt, a major source of Haitian pride, to resume export operations


  • Capn Jimbo 6 years ago

    Here at The Rum Project ( Barbancourt Five Star has long been one of our five reference rums, and one of the highest rated out of our 110 reviews. I have often defended Barbancourt as a rhum agricole.

    When the earthquake occured it was hard for me not to wonder about Barbancourt's fate - I work with a number of Haitian people and my company has sent thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies, etc. to Haiti (which we were doing before the tragedy). Our contacts in Haiti advised me some time ago that the damages at Barbancourt were minor.

    I also had a moment when I speculated as to whether I should buy a supply of Barbancourt as a moral issue. I did so, before I knew the outcome, as I felt that purchasing Barbancourt's superior products is a good thing in any case.

    I want to thank you Robert for your informational post and obvious affection for Barbancourt and its fine cane juice rums, aka rhum agrigole (Fr.). Bless you and God bless Haiti!

  • Roz "The Martini Queenie" 6 years ago

    Cap'n Jimbo, thanks so much for the additional background on Rhum Barbancourt rums and the situation in Haiti. Per this comment, I'm urging readers to visit your Rum Project site and learn more about these spectacular rums and the people who make them. Good looking out, purchasing that case. Haiti will rise --their spirit is too strong to do otherwise.

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