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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014 Photos: A gorilla made of flower petals and more

The 2014 Chelsea Flower Show in London may have concluded but the photos highlighting the annual event are still pouring in, especially on social media photography site Flickr, where a gorilla made of purple flower petals is but one example of the craftsmanship recently on display.

This gorilla was created out of flowers as part of a 2014 Chelsea Flower Show exhibit.
Courtesy of Shaggy359 on Flickr
A gorilla formed from flower petals was one of the exhibit features during this year's Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show in London.
Courtesy of Shaggy359 on Flickr

"Flora the gorilla" was on display in the Polly Fields garden section of the flower show event, according to The Telegraph on June 2. And the large exhibit did not disappoint, numbered among the best presentations this May.

Another eye-catching presentation was that of a male statue sporting ground cover for a hat, as well as the Royal National Institute for the Blind's garden cube, which had water slowly cascading down the exterior of it--and wildflowers surrounding it. The "Best in Show" presentation gave attendees standing in its interior the opportunity to see what a garden might look like to someone losing their sight, since it created a blurry image of the outdoors lying beyond its water-covered glass wall.

Flower lovers were not disappointed either, with every color amply represented and arranged for maximum impact. And Hydrangea lovers learned that their favorite flower is the 2014 Plant of the Year now. But if you live in the North Georgia climate, you can't go wrong with choosing one of the hydrangea plants from Southern Living Plant Collection, like the "Big Daddy" Hydrangea, which has blooms up to 14 inches in size.

To see some local flowers and outstanding plant sculpture displays created from dried flower petals and more check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, which is currently showcasing "Imaginary Worlds: A New Kingdom of Plant Giants."

The larger-than-life displays are fun and intriguing--and just as captivating as any display featured at London's annual flower show event this year. And Gorillas and Orangutans will be the featured June displays during Imaginary Worlds at Night, which casts an evening glow on the fantasy world currently sitting in the midst of the sprawling Atlanta city.

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