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‘RHOOC’ star Vicki Gunvalson’s divorce finalized: She keeps the assets

Vicki Gunvalson

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson filed for divorce on a previous episode of the show and she was happy about her decision to become a single lady. If that wasn’t enough, she was fighting to keep her home, her business and her assets and it sounds like she is getting her way. According to a new Radar Online report published on Jan. 28, “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson’s divorce from Donn is now finalized.

According to the new reports, she doesn’t have to pay Donn spousal support. They had a bank account with the balance of $161,887, and they decided to pay a large chunk of their mortgage on their home. The remaining $53,933 was split between the two. In addition, Vicki will keep the 7 Shire residence. The second home they had, which was valued at $559,711 was sold via a short sale after their date of separation. Vicki also gets to keep $886,459 in total value, including art, furniture, photographs and other personal possessions.

And while it sounds like Vicki is getting to keep lots of assets in her name, Donn is leaving the marriage with a big bank account. He is getting approximately $633,058 in assets, including their home in Irvine, Calif. and the vacation home in Lake Havasu, which he loves. It is also the home that Vicki’s daughter Briana loves. He also gets to keep the jet skis, a 2003 Lincoln Navigator, a 2004 BMW 745i and a 401k plan which currently has $74,000.

What do you think of the divorce being finalized?

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