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'RHOOC' Shannon Beador on whether she really believes her past life tale

New "The Real Housewives of Orange County" housewife Shannon Beador has made quite a splash on the show, in large part because of her strong dedication to the holistic lifestyle and openness to alternative beliefs. In one episode, she even told the other housewives that she had jewels implanted in her teeth by a holistic dentist, one who told her that she saved a nation in a past life. In an interview with OK! Magazine, posted on Tuesday, April 29, the housewife revealed whether she actually believes the claim or finds it to be rubbish.

Shannon Beador
Shannon Beador / Facebook

Shannon explained that she used to see a holistic dentist who, after consulting with his psychic friends, told her that she saved a nation in a past life. While Shannon admitted that she doesn't necessarily believe that it's true, she certainly looked quite happy to remind viewers again that certain psychics told her dentist that she did.

As viewers of the show saw on a recent episode, Shannon told Tamra Barney and Heather Dubrow that having the jewels implanted in her teeth was going to be quite costly, costing at least $20,000, but she was able to get the entire procedure done for free after the dentist found out about her past life. The dentist was informed by his psychic friends that she had saved a nation in a past life and so, honored to do work for such a patient, waived the fee.

Shannon's tale, of course, baffled the other housewives, in particular Heather Dubrow, who is married to plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow. Heather even told Shannon that she worries that she gets taken advantage of, with the words "people like you," which Tamra found a bit condescending.

During her interview with OK! Magazine, Shannon also explained that she's not opposed to letting her daughters have cell phones eventually. She just doesn't see the need for them to have one while so young but fully understands that they will need to use cell phones as they get older. It seems that "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Shannon Beador isn't so wacky after all!

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