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‘RHONY’ star Heather Thomson shuts down offered book deal

Heather Thomson
Heather Thomson
Heather Thomson's Twitter

“The Real Housewives of New York” star Heather Thomson sided with Carole Radziwill in the book argument over who used a ghostwriter for their books. Heather strongly believes Carole, who claims that she spent lots of time writing her book, “What Remains.” Aviva Drescher claims she also wrote her book and that it was just like writing emails. However, it sounds like Heather could have been in the middle of the entire thing. According to a new Bravo report published on March 19, “The Real Housewives of New York” star Heather Thomson is now revealing that she was also offered a book deal.

"Funny enough, I actually got a book deal, too," Heather has revealed to Bravo. "But I chose not to move forward with mine." It isn’t because Heather doesn’t want a book on her resume, but time was really a problem for her. "I did hire a ghostwriter," she says. "I had 15 meetings with him. We did this really great outline together, and I had to put it on the side burner because of my business and the show and I just didn't have the time."

She plans on pursuing the project once she has a bit more time on her hands. "When the time is right," she says. "Writing a book is not like writing a long email. I'm not doing it for a reason to go on the Today show. I would want to do it because I want to share my story. I want to share pointers about business. There's too many angles. It's almost more than one book!"

What do you think of Heather's book deal? Do you think she could have settled the problem?