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‘RHONY’ star Carole Radziwill thinks Aviva was using her to promote book

Carole Radziwill
Carole Radziwill's Twitter

“The Real Housewives of New York” star Carole Radziwill is proud of her writing career, so she can shocked that Aviva Drescher was spreading rumors about her book and supposedly her using a ghostwriter to write her bestselling books. Carole was understandably furious and she confronted Aviva over it at Aviva’s housewarming party. According to a new Bravo report published on March 18, “The Real Housewives of New York” star Carole Radziwill is now revealing that she believes that Aviva was creating drama, just so she could promote her book.

“Publishing is a tough business,” Carole reveals, adding, “So this isn't about books, it's about behavior. I can't understand why Aviva is so set on being dishonest when it's much easier to tell the truth. It's common procedure in the industry for people with little or no professional writing experience to get a book deal because of their profile, and then hire a writer.”

Of course, Carole has a theory as to why Aviva decided to make a big deal out of it. “Aviva was looking for a way to promote her book on the show, I get that. She knew that by engaging me in a drama about writing she'd get a lot of attention, which she did,” she revealed. Of course, Aviva did talk quite a bit about her book on yesterday’s episode and people have no questions as to why she is writing a book.

What do you think of Carole’s opinions?

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