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'RHONY' Carole Radziwill was once godmother to Aviva Drescher's daughter?!?!

Carole Radziwill attends the Broadway opening night of 'Cabaret' at Studio 54 on April 24, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Aviva Drescher and Carole Radziwill fought so viciously with each other on season six of "The Real Housewives of New York City" that it's hard to imagine that they were once very close. They were in fact apparently so close that Aviva considered Carole like family. On Tuesday, August 12, their co-star Sonja Morgan revealed on her Bravo blog that Carole was actually once godmother to Aviva's daughter.

Sonja began her final blog post of the season by talking about Aviva's infamous fight with Carole, dubbed "bookgate." The fight began early on in the season when Aviva went to Carole for advice on writing her memoir. Carole asked Aviva if she was using a ghostwriter. Insulted, Aviva asked Carole, a journalist with a long writing career, if she used a ghostwriter for her two books. Aviva then claimed to everyone that she heard that Carole did use a ghostwriter and that she shouldn't be ashamed of it.

The fight between the two over "bookgate" continued all season long and even after filming for the season ended, with the both of them hurling nasty insults at each other on social media as the episodes aired. Carole even recently made fun of Aviva's looks, tweeting that everyone thinks that Aviva looks older than her age and implying that she deserves her old-looking face.

Aviva has been just as mean. She even retweeted someone's tweet that Carole is just resentful of Aviva's privileged background and social status, something that she had to marry for, a reference to Carole's late Polish prince husband.

Sonja wants the two of them to get over the drama and make peace already. Refusing to take sides, Sonja wrote that it's sad what the drama has done to their friendship. Sonja wrote that the two used to be close and had great times together. "In fact, Carole was once the godmother to Aviva's daughter. How can this come between them...It's not worth it!" she wrote.

If Sonja Morgan's claim that Carole Radziwill and Aviva Drescher used to be so close that Carole was once godmother to Aviva's daughter is true, perhaps there's still a chance that they'll kiss and make up in the future? Perhaps viewers will even see Aviva and Carole laughing about the whole "bookgate" affair on season seven of "The Real Housewives of New York City," if both get the chance to return that is.

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