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'RHONJ': Joe and Teresa Giudice have plan for fraud trial

Joe and Teresa Giudice
Joe and Teresa Giudice
Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images

"RHONJ" stars Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, will be heading to court next month in a fraud case that could see both of them behind bars for the next 30+ years. On Jan. 16, Celebuzz reported that Joe Giudice has "a few requests" that his attorney has submitted to the court. Most of said requests are not surprising at all, in fact, many people expected the Giudice's to go this route.

For starters, Joe and Teresa want to be tried separately in the case. This will ensure that neither of them will be forced to testify against the other. Joe's plan is to take all of the blame and to say that Teresa had nothing to do with any of it.

Teresa Giudice could get off in the case if she is able to prove that she had no clue that Joe was lying on bank applications and forging her name -- yes, you read that right. According to the court documents, Joe plans on saying that Teresa never signed anything -- and that "other people" are also aware that Teresa had no part in the lies that her husband conjured up to make their lives better (which totally slapped him in the face).

If -- and only if -- Joe and Teresa are tried separately will Joe confess to some of charges. But he has some other demands too. Here are the things that Joe has requested via his attorney:

- The U.S. Attorney's indictment dismissed with prejudice (translation: The case would be over forever and no further action could be taken) because the defense claims there is not one single conspiracy as the prosecution alleges.

- Certain charges of wire and bank fraud dismissed. For example, the alleged fraudulent loan applications filed between 2001 and 2005 due to the expired statute of limitations.

- The prosecution disclose all discovery, including any evidence of other crimes Joe has allegedly committed that will be produced at trial (like reports by any witnesses, etc.)

- The prosecution to provide access to the grand jury transcript "in order to determine whether grand jury abuses led to his indictment."

- A separate hearing to review all "Real Housewives of New Jersey" takes and outtakes that attorneys plan on using against him to determine their "audibility and admissibility."

(Above via Celebuzz).

Joe and Teresa Giudice have to go this route because this is the only shot they have at one of them getting off. It sounds like Joe is willing to take the hit here and he will either go to jail or be deported. If Teresa gets off, there is no doubt that her life is going to change -- but at least her four young daughters will still have their mom around.

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