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‘RHONJ’ star Dina Manzo speaks out on failed marriage

Dina Manzo
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dina Manzo is back on the show after leaving in the middle of filming season 2. She left because she thought it was too stressful to film the show with Danielle Staub, who had a personal vendetta against Dina. But many things have changed in the Manzo home, as she has split from her husband. He was never on the show. According to a new Bravo report published on July 14, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dina Manzo is now revealing that she still loves her husband.

On the season premiere, Dina revealed that Tommy was - at times - acting inappropriate with younger women. He would be buying them gifts and crossing the line. Of course, Dina is understanding, but she doesn’t want to be disrespected. And even though they have separated prior to her going back on the show, she is eager to talk about their marital issues.

"As of today, I will always love Tommy forever and we are taking things day by day and doing what's best for our daughter as she is getting ready to go off to school. No matter what happens, we will always be there for each other, and that's great,” she revealed about her husband, Tommy. The two have yet to divorce, but it sounds like her struggled will be shared on the show. “There's a way to be separated or go through a divorce and have it be dignified, as opposed to going at each other's throat."

Of course, Dina herself is a funny lady who has no problem talking about her personal struggles. And Dina isn’t putting herself first on the show. She has been in full support of her friend, Teresa Giudice, who pleaded guilty to fraud charges earlier this year. She is facing her sentencing later this summer, and Dina will be there for her as she faces these charges. She explains that she is friends with Teresa on and off the show.

Since Tommy was never on the show during the first two seasons, fans won’t miss him. He was always working at the Brownstone alongside Caroline Manzo’s husband and his family. It is questionable whether the family drama came in between Dina’s marriage to Tommy.

What do you think of her comments about her marriage?

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