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Rhonda Sivarajah continues fundraising appeals

Rhonda Sivarajah won't accept the fact that she doesn't have a chance in the GOP primary to replace Michele Bachmann. Ms. Sivarajah's latest fundraising appeal smacks of desperation:

Like most Americans, I have been frustrated by what I have seen happening or not happening in Washington DC. There seem to be too many politicians who like to talk, but it is nothing more than empty rhetoric. When the time comes to get something done, they either vote the way their party leadership tells them to vote, or are swayed by special interest lobbyists who have dumped thousands into their campaigns. As you know, I have never been one to let others dictate how I should vote and will not start now.

Let's be clear about something. "Special interest lobbyists" don't pay attention to county commissioners. Based on past history, we don't know whether she'll stand up to party leaders or "special interest lobbyists" because she hasn't dealt with them like they do in St. Paul or DC, aka lobbyist capital of the world.

Further, it's ridiculous to hint that Tom Emmer votes the way "party leadership" tells him to vote. Rep. Emmer was one of only a handful of people who voted against the Next Generation Energy Act was passed, separating himself from the rest of the House GOP leadership team. There were many times when Rep. Emmer didn't vote the way the House GOP leadership voted. The NGEA is just the most prominent example of Rep. Emmer's independence.

This is utterly laughable:

In fact, in the past few weeks party leaders, my opponent and his campaign staff made calls trying to bully me into withdrawing from the race. What are they afraid of?

Let's frame it differently. Rep. Emmer isn't afraid of a candidate who got beat by 50 points in the CD-6 Straw Poll and who lost the CD-6 endorsement by a 76%-24% margin. Further, they aren't afraid of a candidate who raised less money in the last 2 quarters than some legislative candidates raise in a single night.

The truth is that Ms. Sivarajah isn't a serious candidate. She's raised significantly less than $50,000 the last 2 quarters. In fact, she'll need to dramatically improve her fundraising to get to $50,000 raised over the last 3 quarters. This part of Ms. Sivarajah's fundraising email is pathetic:

My opponent has been backed by Washington special interests. He has already spent $646,000 in this campaign compared to my $23,000.

What Ms. Sivarajah is spinning in that paragraph is the fact that she doesn't have the money to spend. Notice, too, that, while she rails against "Washington special interests", she didn't cite which "Washington special interests" were supporting Tom Emmer.

This paragraph is pathetic:

Are you tired of the same old lack of action in Washington? Do you feel like no one listens to what “We the People” want? Then help send me to Washington and show the special interest groups that as citizens we are ready to take our country back from the corrupt establishment politicians.

Why would anyone in the 6th District think that Michele Bachmann isn't listening to them? Why would anyone think that stopping President Obama's and Harry Reid's agenda isn't a positive thing? Finally, suggesting that Tom Emmer is a "corrupt establishment politician" is Clinton-worthy spin. Calling Tom Emmer an establishment politician is insulting.

Unfortunately, we've had an overabundance of that in this campaign, all of it from Rep. Emmer's opponents.

By all reports, Emmer's campaign has been efficient and a boost to the rest of the endorsed GOP ticket. That's what's needed to defeat a sitting US senator and a sitting governor. Tom Emmer will defeat Rhonda Sivarajah because he's well-funded, his name recognition is 100% in the district and because he's put together a great campaign staff.

Rhonda Sivarajah is 0-for-3 on those important, all-telling metrics. Other than that, she's in fine shape.

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