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Rhonda Cratty has a new summer tool - 'Learning At Home'

Just in time for summer break, here is a fun way to help you entertain your children while also educating them. Learning at Home, 48 weeks of family fun and educational learning ideas, is a new parent resource guide written by Rhonda Cratty that is filled with ideas to assist children to become the best they can be while promoting wholesome family time.

Get some ideas from author Rhonda Cratty for fun in the summer sun and all year long
/ Learning at Home
A book that will encourage your children to continue learning during the summer
/ Learning at Home

The book contains daily activities for family fun that make subjects become more than just pencil and paper – it moves learning into everyday life. Learning at Home gives parents an idea a week to challenge and motivate children. Within the spines of the book (or on your Kindle) are 48 (four themes per month) educational learning ideas that can be achieved at any time and almost anywhere. Around the kitchen table, in the backyard, on vacation, everyday within the comfort of family, using objects found around the home and books from any library. You will find tips for family fun nights, holidays, trips and every day ideas to raise lifelong learners. Each idea can work with multiple ages and needs within a family. Tucked within are lists of family friendly books, recipes, homework help and games to extend learning.

Here are some of the ideas for summer fun: June #1- Chemistry to Art – Kitchen Paint; June #4-Historical literature; July #2-Family cooking Adventures; August #3-Card & dice games, and much more for now and tons of fun for later during the year.

Rhonda Cratty includes her experiences of 30 years of public school teaching, raising children of her own, and articles written for on-line and hard copy publications. Learning at Home by Rhonda Cratty can be purchased in print for ($7.63) or eBook form for ($4.48) through You can visit the author through email for further information.

Take a look at an excerpt and get your copy to continue your adventure with your child/children:

“Growing Flowers in Recycled Flower Pots or Containers: If your yard is small, ask Grandparents, friends, neighbors anyone for old pots your children can recycle. A larger pot or container holds moisture longer and provides more space for the plants’ roots. The healthier the root system, the healthier your flowers will be. The container must have a drainage hole in the bottom to allow excess water to escape.

First let them decorate their pot with paints, stickers, anything that makes them smile. Then let your child find rocks to line the bottom of their recycled pot.

Use fresh soil mix or potting mix formulated for container plants. Decorate Popsicle sticks with flower seed packets. (Be sure, when you open the packets to open from the bottom so when you slide them on the stick they are right side up.)

Give them sunshine, water and love.

Take a “garden walk” with your children every single day-rain or shine to spend time in the garden. Enjoy this time with your children; take a glass of lemonade, journal and camera. Let the garden capture not only your children’s hearts and imagination, but also trigger curiosity in the natural world. Paint rocks to decorate your garden, leave footprints in the mud and take memories to keep you warm when the frost comes around once again.”

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