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Rhode Island woman catches 'Ghost' behind child in cell phone image

To the left of the picture the eyes and face of an unknown woman appears

Lite Rock 105 in Rhode Island has made public a very creepy picture of what appears to be the ghost of an older woman behind a little child of one of the employees. Details on the website explain that,the photo was taken by a babysitter, a teenager named Kasey,was babysitting her niece, Penny (age 22 months), last week and snapped several pictures of the little girl with her phone cam. A couple days later, Kasey was going through the images and noticed there was someone behind her niece in one of the photos. More on this from Reporter John Guice from ABC6:

Since the initial revelation the radio station has also interviewed Jason Hawes of SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" about the photo, that interview can be found on the links at Lite Rock 105 here.


  • Dr. Taam 5 years ago

    people are so desperate to believe there is another chance for them after death!! sad!! get a grip and LIVE your life NOW, and don't worry about death!

  • Br. James 5 years ago

    "Live your life now," with the perspective of death always in mind.
    "The Glory of God is man FULLY ALIVE in Christ." - St. Irenaeus

  • ediwworld 5 years ago

    The image behind the child appears to me to be the same person
    60 years or so later in life.

  • A friend 5 years ago

    What is sad is an atheist on his deathbed; battling with pride and guilt. I've seen it before. Accept Jesus before it is too late.

  • Zak 5 years ago

    I don't think that Jesus has anything to do with it. Some people have trouble letting go after death and consecutively will their energies to remain, surrounding the people and places they love. Practice peace and have faith in the universe and the all encompassing ONE! ONE love!


  • Teresa 5 years ago

    Her eyes resemble the little child's. Could be the great grandmother watching over her. Also, according to Scripture, we all have guardian Angels. As far as the deceased, the only danger is when you try to begin a dialog with them. Very often demons arrive claiming their identities. Bad stuff.
    OK to pray to them though...

  • Hope 5 years ago

    The image behind this child seems very sad and strained. Rather than a guardian angel which is filled with glory and light...she seems to be in need of prayers for her purification and the resting of her spirit.Pray for her!

  • Motheroffive 5 years ago

    This is a deceased relative. She is in purgatory and in great need of our prayers. Her suffering there is intense. You need to offer a Gregorian Mass on her behalf. Do it today!

  • Chris 5 years ago


    Not at the photograph but at the comments. I know this is going to sound condescending but do any of you have any idea how a camera works? It's not magic. Light reflects off of objects and the lens of the camera captures that reflected light. IN this case it is transformed digitally into an image.

    Your eye works the same way. If you cannot see an object, you cannot photograph an object with a camera. There is no if or buts here. The laws of physics say this is a hoax. Ambient light is clearly shining on the woman's face and reflecting from the moisture in her eyes. Are you people telling me ghosts produce real tears that reflect light?

    This is nothing more than a garden variety photograph. The girl who said she didn't see anyone else in the room is lying. If light reflected off the old lady to be captured by the camera lens, it was also captured by the girl's eyes. This is a publicity stunt or something.

    It is hard to believe that people can be so

  • Pastor Swope 5 years ago

    Having talked with the mother, I am sure this girl is not lying. It is pretty condescending to just say that the person is a liar when faced with something you cannot explain in your world view.

    I fully understand your skepticism and appreciate it though. I was just as skeptical until I had a few incidents of my own. And of course then my faith in Christ has supplied me with quite a few miraculous encounters.

    Thanks for the comment, please do not feel this is a rebuke, but just asking you to not rush to judgment.

  • Becky... 5 years ago

    At first glance, it looks like the two faces resemble each other. I think the older woman is related to the child. This does not appear to be a hoax. I agree with some other comments here that the older woman is a family member and she is in need of prayers for peace. What a wonderful opportunity God has allowed for this soul to make her presence known so that we can offer prayers for her!!!

  • Pastor Swope 5 years ago

    Personal attacks will be deleted.

  • A Sister in Faith 5 years ago

    Regardless of what the explaination is, pray for the watcher and the child. If she is apparent in the picture, does it not lead one to think something maybe in need of watching for that child? An illness or accident? Things can happen in the blink of an eye-- pray the message is received and pray for the little ones health and welfare.

  • Alan 5 years ago

    Where is the ghost people are on about?? I see a child and some granny behind her.

  • Hellboy99 5 years ago

    Is it just me or does the reflection in the childs left eye match that of the older persons right eye behind her ?

    IMO - Fake

  • Flighttest 5 years ago

    See how the face slightly overlaps the little girl's hair? This is a pretty classic double exposure.

  • Chris 5 years ago

    Pastor Swope,

    I am person of investigation and evidence. The fact this has been going on for as long as it has is just more evidence of a hoax. If I took a picture with my iPhone and it photographed a person that wasn't there, I would have experts investigating, not posting the pics to a radio station website.

    Someone is being dishonest here, Pastor Swope. Ordinary phone cameras simply CAN NOT take pictures of what cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    I agree that faith in God is great but when you claim arbitrary violation of the very physical laws God created, we part company. Additionally, if you are going to try to convince me God did this just to test our faith or mess with us goofy mortals, I will laugh out loud. The God I know is not a prankster.

    I reassert that there is no "ghost" in that photo. Go to the radio station website. They are milking this hoax for all they can.

  • kasey the babysitter 3 years ago


    I am Kasey the babysitter, I am a family friend of someone who works at the radio station, and I showed her the picture one night. SHE decided to show it to a few people at work and that's how it started. I had no intention to get it investigated. All I know is I'm no computer nerd, I don't even have a facebook. I don't know what to say other than that I dont appreciate being called a liar, when I myself am just as confused as everyone else..

  • 666 5 years ago

    Does anyone know when the new season of LOST starts?

  • Alex Saenz -OPAR 5 years ago

    I've been studying images of photographic anomalies & involved in paranormal investigations using scientific methodologies for many years now. I've seen these types of apparitions myself many times,to known that this one is not a ghost but it is not a hoax either. To the gentleman who mentioned how cameras work: You should read my scientific paper on why some images captured on cameras cannot be seen by our naked eye. In basic physics you learn much about light frequencies and how they are effected by curved lens, etc. So I must strongly disagree with your reasoning. The human eye does not register visual impressions from images that occur in intervals less than 20 to 50 milliseconds. Many cameras and types of photographic films easily exceed this factor. It's why we cannot see ghost images in real time. Nature doesn't lie. And there is no such thing as "super natural", only the natural we do not understand. This "ghost" is the child herself, in the future BTW...I'm on myspace.

  • Solvih 5 years ago

    If you look closely, you'll see that the direction of light hitting their faces comes from the exact same direction. It is simply someone standing behind the girl.....

  • Abdul Rahman 5 years ago

    I was browsing the internet to see if anyone can capture ghost image with cellphone and I came to this website.
    I have been trying to prove that it is possible to capture the images using cellphone like what I have explained in my website. I have contacted many universities to do a research on my finding. Unfortunately some professors from University in Glasgow Scotland, Australia and Japan who have promised to help me still haven't came up with any positive result.
    My website is not a hoax, I've also contacted James Randi challenging him to prove I am wrong but he refused to accept my challenge. I've published a copy of his email to me in my website.

  • anonymous 3 years ago

    To all the skeptics i have just one thing to say "Ignorance is Bliss" So to those ignorant fools who disbelieve that there are supernatual forces which cannot be motally explained please keep your ignorance to yourselves. Do not corrupt others infecting them with your doubt of the unexplained as you attempt to explain it away with process of rational thought. Those who succumb to this type of infectuous train of thought will loose their ability to experience such things that cannot be explained as the seed of doubt will extinguish it with trained disbelief and thus your innocence may forever be lost. Do not let society dictate the way you think or what you should believe. To thy own self be true. Let thy instict guide you so that you may know your own truth. Truth is different for each individual self contained essence of soul. I have found my truth but it is not what is truth for anyone other than my own spirt self. I implore thee all not to be swayed by what others think or believe to be the only truth for all. Take a Journey within thy self to find the spirit guide to experience the truth that is soley yours alone. No one can rob you of your own self truth but you if you let them pursaude you into the darkness of ignorant unknowing. I for one prefer to stand in the all knowing light of Love. Love is all that can be felt when undoubtedly focused standing in the revealation of the spiritual truth that now can be recognized as the essence my soul has become as it begun.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    That photo is definitely a double exposed image of the main subject (the child in the foreground).
    I don't believe it was an intentional hoax but, rather, the result of a lack of understanding.

    With respect to whether or not a cell phone camera has the ability to capture unseen images, the answer is that yes,. it can be done and it has been done. To say otherwise is to be misinformed -- sorry.