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Rhode Island teacher firings, a Race to the Top case study



  • Fed Up 6 years ago

    Obama has no intention of adequately funding education. Race to the Top is a joke. Schools need FUNDING. I voted for Obama, and now I regret it. He only cares about Wall St crooks, and he thinks that his base will vote for him no matter what. Well, I am part of the Democratic base, and I will NOT vote for him in 2012!!

  • tyrel 6 years ago

    go try and teach a bunch of disinterested schwartzers in harlem. see how far you get. fire all the teachers -good idea!! but please leave all the CEOs bankers goldman sachs etc. Yes they fund campaigns and "kickback" to the machine " OBAMA=SELLOUT

  • Kensley Stewart 6 years ago

    This was absoluely the best thing that could have happened for the students AND for education as a whole. I have not a clue about "Race to the Top (RttT)" but it sounds like another "Yes we can" catchword from Plouffe.

    The fact that the teachers average salary was DOUBLE the income of the parents of the students and they refused to try a LITTLE harder to DO THEIR FRIKKIN JOB... It was proper, just and RIGHT that they ALL be fired.

    I HOPE we see MORE mass firings of union employees!!! By and large they're mostly good people - but the union officilad are ALL corrupt, company-mooching BLOODSUCKERS!

  • rjgmart 6 years ago

    The middle class only exists because of the G I bill and Unions. Without those two the "market" would exert the same downward forces as we see today; people working longer, harder, afraid and for less money. Hard to tout the private sector as they slash jobs of good people because the "profits" are down.

  • thelink 6 years ago

    "Generally, bad schools continue to exist because students, teachers, parents, administration, staff, have no choice but to be there."

    Congratulations! This has got to be one of the most inane comments I've read in some time.

  • Bridgette 6 years ago

    My article was a case study on a bad school. So, it isn't a stretch to talk about the fact that everyone participates in making it bad.

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