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Fort Barton Woods
Fort Barton Woods
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Panoramic views of Mount Hope Bay and the Sakonnet River may be seen from Fort Barton’s 30-foot observation tower. The original earthen fortifications remain around the tower remainders from the Battle of Rhode Island. This forts primitive nature is a far cry from modern military forts of today.

The Fort Barton site is a historic American Revolution Fort in Tiverton Rhode Island. The British occupation of Newport in December 1776 caused Tiverton Heights to be fortified in July 1777, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel William Barton. General John Sullivan’s invasion for the Battle of Rhode Island was staged from Fort Barton in 1778.

Rustic footbridges are along sloped inclines and rocky paths requiring proceeding carefully. Trespassing on earthen mounds will damage and forever erase their historical value. A historic cemetery is north of the observation tower. Two trails are within Fort Barton Woods, the red and blue trail.

Within Fort Barton Woods red trail crosses Sin and Fresh Brook, its unique name derived from an event on March 28, 1676. Zoeth Howland was riding on his way from Dartmouth to Newport to attend a Quaker meeting. Following along this stream he was ambushed and killed by six Indians, leaving his body in the stream. After discovery the brook was named in Zoeth’s memory.

Hours of operation
Open from dawn to sunset each day
Due to the historic nature of Fort Barton Woods the following policy is in place. It is also to create a quiet environment to be enjoyed by the public.
Visitors must stay on marked trails.
No bicycle horseback riding or motorized vehicles
Consumption of alcoholic beverages
Dogs must be leashed under control and kept on trails.
No fires, camping, hunting, trapping, littering and smoking
Removal of vegetation, or objects is prohibited.

Tiverton is a town of 15,780 with historic beginning as formed by English colonists in 1694. Tiverton is 25 miles sough east of Providence and 14 miles north east of Newport. Boston is 60 miles north, with New York 200 miles south west.

Providence Is the most populous city in Rhode Island with 182,911. It is at the mouth of the Providence River at the head of the Narragansett Bay. First settled in 1636 by Roger Williams it was as one of the original thirteen Colonies of the US. Roger Williams was given a large tract of land by the Narragansett Indian tribe.

Fort Barton is a 6 ½ hour drive of 411 miles from Rochester NY. Drive east on I-90 past Albany into Massachusetts to Worcester. Exit onto route 146 driving south to Providence RI. Drive US 195 southeast to route 24 south to Tiverton RI. Drive route 77 south until Old Stone Bridge drive left on Lawton Avenue. Follow signs to Fort Barton Woods.

One visitor made the following comment after their visit.
“the area is a veritable gold mine for lovers of trails and history enthusiasts alike.”

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