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Rhode Island primary: Sep. 09, 2014

The Sep. 09, 2014 primary will decide the Republican and Democrat candidate for governor.
The Sep. 09, 2014 primary will decide the Republican and Democrat candidate for governor.Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Sep. 09,2014 is Rhode Island primary day.This year there are two primaries this election cycle because more than one candidate exists for each party’s spot on the general election ballot in November. In less than a month, Rhode Islanders will choose their party’s candidate for governor.

This year, the Democratic Party’s candidate pool is rather large with four people running for the right to run for office. These are Providence mayor Angel Taveras, state treasurer Gina Raimondo, new to Rhode Island politics Clay Pell and independent Democrat Todd Giroux.

The Republican Party’s candidate pool is smaller with only two candidates. The two are Cranston mayor Allan Fung and former Moderate party candidate Ken Block.

For the purposes of who is eligible to vote in this primary, it is important to note that Rhode Island runs a closed primary system. This means that only voters registered as a Democrat or a Republican may vote in that party’s primary. Independent or unaffiliated voters can vote in whichever primary they choose by simply affiliating and then unaffiliating after voting. If voters choose to unaffiliate after casting their ballot, it will take ninety days for them to revert back to their previous status.

Information on polling places can be found at the Rhode Island Board of Elections.

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