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‘RHOBH’ star Kyle Richards proves she reached out to Lisa after trip

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards was shocked when she learned that Lisa Vanderpump had left in the middle of the night after the group confronted her with accusations of her putting tabloids in Brandi Glanville’s luggage before heading to Palm Springs. After returning home, Lisa claims that she turned off her cell phone and that she didn’t hear much from the other ladies. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 5, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards is now revealing that she did reach out to Lisa Vanderpump after she left Puerto Rico in the middle of the night.

After reading her blog, Kyle reached out to Lisa on Twitter, saying “You said you ‘had not heard from any of them’ after PR… but you heard from me [three times].” She shared a picture of a text message that she had sent to Lisa after the trip. The texts read, “Are you ok? I HAD to ask that question. I did not want you attacked but needed to hear the truth. You would need to hear that too. I care about you and want to have your friendship back. Honestly, XXOO.”

Richards sent two more texts, one being the following morning, which read, “I hope you are ok.” As for Lisa, she turned off her phone because she needed a break. “I turned my phone off and hid. I knew producers would try to find me” Vanderpump wrote. Kyle read this tweet, writing back, “If so, when you turned back on, you saw that I was trying to reach you. Multiple times. Just clarifying.” And when fans got involved, saying that Lisa was too classy to release text messages to the public, she wrote back, “No I haven’t …but maybe I should…actually thinking about. No I won’t stoop.”

What do you think of his Lisa is handling this?